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Feldgendarmerie Gorget?....

Article about: Another from the family collection. I have my reservations about this one. Please input your thoughts? Duff

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    Default Feldgendarmerie Gorget?....

    Another from the family collection. I have my reservations about this one. Please input your thoughts?

    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Click image for larger version. 

Name:	image-82813702.jpg 
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Name:	image-1007765606.jpg 
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Name:	image-2096235515.jpg 
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Name:	image-1905713602.jpg 
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Name:	image-340282624.jpg 
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Name:	image-3228177742.jpg 
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    Well, I did more research on this one - it's good... Guess no one had any comments...

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    I shall not be the judge of this one, as I neither collect nor know enough 'bout 'em, but that is in amazing condition if the real thing (not saying it isnt, not saying it is).

    As for others not commenting, in forum terms you have almost just uploaded this.
    Most often someone will come along - maybe not within hours/days, but please have a little patience.
    The knowledgeable people here who will know the ins and outs of gorgets (not me) are busy and trot along like busy little Icelandic horses in order to sift through the not insubstantial forum and answer all questions.
    Not only will they have to be thorough (people can be amazingly ungrateful even when given free advice (not you of course)), but they donate their advice for free - some of them even insist on having an actual life outside the forums (perish the thought)....or might even be out buying the seasons pressies for their loved ones.
    Again, a little patience and all will be revealed. When and if you get some advice in regards to the gorget, a' thank you' goes a long way

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    I don't think one of my posts has ever omitted a "Thank You." Take a look you will see.. I realize your just trying to make sure people do say "Thank You" as many do not - as seen in countless posts and mentioned by others including Mr. Coleman....

    At any rate - usually, comments are made within he first couple of days - hence my "joke" in post number two... It was a week after I posted the original item... Not a big deal - not too concerned really, just wanted to the forum to see another Gorget'....

    Yes - this time of year is busy - exactly why "I" need to get off this devil box and go take care of some chores...

    Keep Easy and Happy Holidays!

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    You had a good question Duff I am looking at one myself and haven't handled a lot of them from all reference I can find on them your backing is right that one does look good. The one I am looking at in the future hopefully has a different backing I will post it here before pulling trigger as they say. I like yours. timothy

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    Does it glow in the dark? Because the writing and eagle were painted with an illuminating radium paint on originals which will glow.

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    Would love to have one too, so I'll stay tuned! ;-)
    Sorry that I can't be of any help.
    Always looking for Belgian Congo stuff!

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    This one does, indeed, look good. There have been, though, many very high quality fakes of these made in the Czech Republic, so beware of them. Does it glow strongly and have you access to a geiger? Probably the best way to see, as the new ones do not have the radiation(Or so I've heard).

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    No, I don't have access to a "Gieger" - that would be fun to try!! Yes - it has a very solid glow to it... This Gorget was picked up from a vet by my Grandfather back in the late 50's early 60's in Seattle. I have located and studied many "fake" variations and cross referenced many books in my library. All looks good for this Gorget. It was just so DANG clean, I had my reservations! lol It is made (edges rolled) very crisp and clean, the paint is very well "lined" and it is made from steel, not aluminum or something else. You cant "bend" any part of it with any "ease." The chain is all uniform and not "flimsy" or "cheap." The back is not marked - as most of the originals I have seen, are not. The tabs are correct and the wool has been pretty much eatin away. One of the cleanest ones I have seen!

    Should of seen my Grandpas face when I said it looked fake... hahaha PRICELESS! Anyhow - this one looks good, put a lot of time into researching this one... Thanks for the thoughts! Anyone have any other comments, please share!

    Happy New Year! Duff

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