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Gas mask mystery!

Article about: Hi. I bought this on Ebay for \\$50. Did I get what I paid for? It has a swastika on it..wondering what exactly this gas mask is? Is it civilian? Or military? Bottom is stamped 1937. Pictures

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    Thanks Fred and JP, I'll probably do a bit more research before I comment on things in the future.


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    Hello Dany,
    There's no problem. The thing is, better rely on officials texts or well documented books than on some friends....unless they were Gasschützunteroffiziere in the German Heer of course....
    Because it was highly sensitive, gas warfare was the most controlled field in all german army, hundreds and hundreds of official texts did regulate the adoption, distribution, use, modifications, improvements..etc....of all items related to this type of warfare. In other words, it is a bl@@dy mess....but very addictive...

    Fred : always glad to help out a friend...
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    Most of the stuff I've learnt about gas warfare has originally came from the internet because there arent a lot of books that I'm aware of. I'll probably expand my collection of paperwork, books, manuals etc other than buying suits, gas masks and all the other related equipment.


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    Quote by kevmo View Post
    My Straps are a different colour? And the latch seems different too.
    GM-30 gas mask

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