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Gasoline Can - looks good?

Article about: can arrived just now...I think I like it. here are more rust, or holes, or big dents. the color is almost like grey-brown - and maybe there was some sand color under this one at on

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    Default Gasoline Can - looks good?

    Hey Guys,

    You guys like this can? Also is that original WW2 paint on it?

    Thanks - Fabe

    Gasoline Can - looks good?Gasoline Can - looks good?Gasoline Can - looks good?

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    Circuit advertisement Gasoline Can - looks good?
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    Please excuse an idle comment, but it seems curious to me that a wartime item would be stamped with word 'Austria' as its country of manufacture - its in English and I'd not have expected it to be used after the Anschluss in any case. If this is correct, I'd be interested to hear the explanation of why this would be used in 1943. If the stampings - perhaps the 'Wehrmacht' and date - are modern additions, I wonder how they were put on?

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    its ok.

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    Thanks for the input...
    Paint OK also?

    Quote by harryamb2 View Post
    its ok.

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    I believe this website should answer all your questions: jerrycan

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    Quote by gonn View Post
    I believe this website should answer all your questions: jerrycan
    Good link there thanks!.....
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    Oddly enough but interesting, is the fact that Austria Wien 's number 1003 is not listed for 1943 but 1005 Is! You should email that database and send them a photo of your can's markings so that they can be added to the list.

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    Did you get it Fabe?
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    hey - I went to the main jerry-can thread a few days ago for more input...
    I was fairly sure, that it was an original can - just wasn't 100% sure with the paint.
    now it seems, that the paint is original...and yes, I won it. (for a laugh of a price, for noone else was biding...for like 15 USD!)

    it should arrive any day now...'will update.


    PS: yeah, I think I'll send in the pic for that site...

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    100% original and with pretty rare markings.

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