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German Box ID

Article about: OK... it turns out the "EMD" was simply another model of anchored contact mine like the "EMC", so the box label is (in spite of not being able to read it well) saying tha

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    Default German Box ID

    Hi boys picked this up today . I think it is german can anybody ID it for me. The guy I bought it off said his dad brought it back from the war and used it to hold his gun cleaning supplies. It still had some old cleaning items , the ammo belt , and some other items. The ammo belt is worth a lot more then what I paid for the item. Any help would be welcome. Thanks Gary
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture German  Box ID   German  Box ID  

    German  Box ID   German  Box ID  

    German  Box ID   German  Box ID  

    German  Box ID   German  Box ID  

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    Default Re: German Box ID

    Love that belt! Can't find anything about the box. Could you tell us what it says on the lid?
    Seems to be a box for parts belonging to a 24 FMD bzw 24 EMC (what ever they could be!)
    Can't make out the bottom line; something like: mil EMD Ank...
    Zubehor means "belonging to, or parts".
    I had a look on a site with all the Wehrmacht boxes, but didn't find this one.

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    Default Re: German Box ID

    Feuerbach thanks for helping when I get home I will have a better look at it. I know the ammo belt is not WWII but it is a hard belt to find and is in pretty good shape. Gary

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    Default Re: German Box ID

    Feuerbach the writingon the box is

    24l MDbzw. 24EMC
    mit EMD Ank?? Some of this might be wrong tough to read with all the paint on it .

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    Default Re: German Box ID

    I think it's probably "Zubehör für..." which means "Accessories/Parts for..."


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    Default Re: German Box ID

    Rob it is just can't read to much paint. thanks for looking . Now if I only new a parts box for? Who ever painted it painted it a long time ago. Gary

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    Default Re: German Box ID

    as noted, "Zubehoer" means "accessories". "bzw" is an abbreviated for "beziehungsweise" which means "respectively".

    "EMC" is for "Einheitsmine Typ C" which was a type of anchored mine for submarines.
    The term "Ankertaumine" was used in association with this and it's possible your "Ank.." at the end there (hard to see) is an additional reference.

    Can't really do much better than that and to say that I believe it's a box for accessories for setting up an anchored mine for submarines.

    i can't really see that well enough to translate it completely and i don't like guessing. i am wondering if you could just type it EXACTLY as it is on the lid with all punctuation. I know it's hard to see for you too, but maybe if you took a rubbing with a paper and pencil? I don't need to see it with all the paint and all that. Just having trouble here with seeing that on my monitor.
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    Default Re: German Box ID

    Tempelhof in post 4 is the closes I can make out what is written . I don't want to take a steel brush to it because I think the white paint is WWII painted. Thanks for your help sorry I can't be more . It is a very heavy and well made box. What treasures did it hold. Gary

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    Default Re: German Box ID

    OK... well... I can see enough to tell you that probably it held parts for setting up anchored mines. I'm no expert on setting up an anchored mine but my guess is they weren't just rolling around live with chains and all attached. They probably had parts in a box which, just before it was deployed, were attached to the mine to make it live, etc.
    This box says (from what I can see) that it contained those parts to set up anchored mines.

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    Default Re: German Box ID

    Very cool you don't know where I could get one to make it complete

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