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Help please - ID this holster???

Article about: Hi all, A few years ago I aquired a deactivated Erma Luger type pistol with holster. I am not a gun collector and know about as much about guns as I know about nuclear physics - Nothing!! Th

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    i find it odd that Michael Ryan ,has not responded to the answers to his questions after 2 days ,?? ,, just wondering ,, cos if i had asked a question i would be watching closely to see what answers i got ,, seems odd to me , aspecialy after the amount of reserch that was done to find the answers
    oh well !! such is life
    cheers ian

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    Circuit advertisement Help please - ID this holster???
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    Hi its a Swedish Lahti Holster, the Finnish Lahti holster look like the ww2 German P08 holster but have a differet size pouch on the inside of the lid for the Lahti stripping tool .

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    Kradman sorry mate but what you are saying i wrong ,,its a finnish air force holster the 4th pic in my previouse post is the swedish holster,,ill say it again the holster inthe ORIGINAL POST , is finnish air force ,,it is NOT SWEDISH ,,the picture number 4 in my post shows the SWEDISH holster ,,please read previouse posts befor comenting ,,cos KRADMAN YOU ARE WRONG ,

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    Hi Ian I am sorry I still think this is Swedish and not Finnish , Please show me a photo of a Finnish airforce man using this holster to prove its use by the Finnish Airforce , I have been collecting Finnish ww2 Military items for 15 years and never seen this holster in use by the Finnish military Wartime or postwar and as a ex member of the Finnish Airforce never seen this holster in Finnish Service.if you have a photo to back up your comments that would be good ,Greetings from Finland
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    And also for your info Finnish Lahti pistols are marked VKT on the brown grips where the Swedish Lahti are marked with the Swedish crown on the black grips as you can see on the photos you have posted, as I put before please show a photo of one in Finnish Airforce use to back up your claim

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    Hi to all you good members for your comments etc. Sorry if my request has started an argument, that was not the intention!!! Also, appologies for my delayed response to the feed back messages. We were having a family and friends gathering from various places around the country and my wife, being a Martian will not allow me to "play" with my hobby when we have visitors. If I were to try to "play", I am likely to be decapitated and given my head in my hands to play with, ergo, fear of senior management has precluded my response until now!!! So please understand my predicament.

    I have found the comments very usefull and am interested to hear the final result of the Finnish/Swedish debate. Incedently, I went over the inside of the holster with a magnifying glass and found the following stampings:
    "F5" or "E5"?? and "942" which could be a mistamped date??? Both stampings are very hard to see?

    Anyway, thank you all once again for your help with this "provocative" holster.

    With thanks, regards and best wishes Michael R

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    Greetings Michael. I can understand your situation, as many of us know what you went through! I'm glad you made it, though, .....some of us have not. (R.I.P.)
    I am also interested in the verdict.

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    Yes Dean, I too am very interested in the final verdict. Nice to spark a discussion especially when the opions are voiced by two very knowledgeable, keen and passionate collectors.
    Cheers Michael R

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    Hi Michael .good to see you back , I don't want to start a fight over this holster but would like to see a photo of it in use by the Finnish airforce to be proved wrong ,If Finnish military issue normally there would be a SA stamp or if post war Finnish military Castle stamp,All the Lahti holsters I have seen in use in my time in the Finnish Airforce have been the WW2 type that look like the P08 holster but have a differet size pouch inside the lid for the stripping tool ,If you google Finnish Lahti and Swedish Lahti holsters you will see the differet in them

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    Hi kradman, Thank you for your message and advice. I will google as you suggest and perhaps learn a bit. No I fully agree with you, it was only a question and should not provoke a fall out!!

    Thank you and all the others once again
    regards Michael R

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