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ident help please

Article about: This is just bizzare looking, is it what the seller says it is? thanks in advance NK WWII Indirect Fire Calculator Gebr

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    Default ident help please

    This is just bizzare looking, is it what the seller says it is?
    thanks in advance

    WWII Indirect Fire Calculator Gebr

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    Circuit advertisement ident help please
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    I found this on another forum about the same device, hope it helps.

    2012-May-25, 03:27 AM
    This is a very late reply to your question, but I have been searching for information on this device since 1973. Yours is the first info of any type I have found since then.
    I also possess one of these. Mine is the exact same unit except there is not any manufacturing company information on mine. It has only the letters BEG located where yours lists Haff Brothers Inc. (English translation) as the maker. 1973 was a long time ago and I knew that mine had been brought to the USA in 1945 when my father returned from WW2. I went to a military collector where I lived at the time (Indiana PA). He had a book listing the German military codes for manufacturers. BEG indeed was Haff Brothers just as other contributors have said. I took a photograph of it and sent it with a letter to the company, Snail mail, no internet or email in 1973. I received a reply, which I have since lost, from a gentleman at Haaf brothers explaining the use. No instruction manuals were available that he knew of. There were many thousands made. The name of the device indeed means "measures three angles" as I was told in the letter I received. If any one is upset because it is a Nazi military device, I'm sorry but that war was over a long time ago and it doesn't take away from the beauty of the workmanship and design. The letter I got (remember there were a lot more people alive at the company in 1973 that were alive during the war than there are now) said that it's use was to calculate the angles required enable two artillery pieces at different locations to shoot to the same aiming point. Remember the 1:25000 map scale listed on the units. They had no further information to give me even that long ago. Still looking for an instruction manual if anyone can come up with one. You are luckier than I. I have no case for mine. I don't know what they are made of but mine has no corrosion on it either, in spite of the fact that they are almost 70 years old. I thought it was stainless steel but a magnet is attracted to mine. I have done no cleaning or any type of special storage except wrapping it in a clean cotton towel. Well that is what I know and was happy to find your thread. Lots of good guesses, but it is a military artillery calculator from WW2. Again I repeat It doesn't make you a bad person to appreciate fine craftsmanship in a military item. Engineering is apolitical even if the device was ordered by evil politicians.

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    I attached the photo.

    No photo= thread withoutany value in one week
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture ident help please  
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