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K98 Rifle and ZF41 Scope

Article about: I would like to have your comments on my k98 rifle and zf41 scope. I bought these in good faith about 2 years ago, but since then I have read quite a few articles on fake scopes and rifles.

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    Quote by Adrian Stevenson View Post
    Hi Jamie, sorry it is fake. Have a look at our forum friend's website.


    You can see the big differences between your and an original. The stock is not cut out (inleted) to give clearance for the mount. The shape of the mount is wrong. The markings are wrong. Ger a refund.

    Cheers, Ade.
    It is such as Ade says

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    I hope you didn't buy it from Mitchells Mausers, they got me, but at least mine was a Russian capture & not a Yugo copy, but it's too late for me to get my money back, but it shoots great so I'm stuck with it, the reason I asked is my bolt is not blued either.

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    I have been following this forum for a time and after joining a reenactment group in my country
    i chose a german sniper as my role after finding this post on the forum , i got curious i find it funny to ask it here but where can i ask better then a ww2 relics forum ?
    so here is my question hope you guys can help me with it
    i got this Kar98 for reenactment i got curious if this looks like a real one or a repro

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    Looks really new to me but I suppose it could have been re-finished.

    Does it have any markings ?

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    another give away was the finish...

    and no ssnnss that just flat out looks more like a repo by far

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    ssnnss, it's plastic. So to me it looks pretty bad for reenactment use :P

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    Worldwide arms in the uk were selling ordinary de-ac K.98's with repro scopes and rails fitted. I saw some at the Stoneliegh show a couple of years ago. I was surprised to see them selling for what I reckoned the price of an original scope would be on its own. I had a look at one of the ones they had on a rack and the scope looked mint compared to the gun. I asked if they were 100% original knowing already something was not quite right. The chap on the stall said they were totally original and had come from a Russian stock of K.98's and they had picked up the scoped rifles. I asked to look at another one and was duly handed another worn gun with a mint scope on it. I told the guy that I believed they were wrong and he said I was mistaken. I badgered him for 10 minutes or so and he said how come you think you know there wrong. At that point I showed him the two scopes on the rifles he'd let me look at, they both had the same seial number.....and incidentally were cxn stamped as well. I believe the scopes and mounts were and are being made in Russia.
    You really do have to be careful, there are a lot of dealers who just don't care what they sell, they are just after the money. It is worth doing a bit of homework before committing to buy something your not sure of, as a normal rule of thumb you'll end up getting bitten if you don't. Luckily for me such items do appear here in Jersey and are original from the Occupation so I have handled a few examples and it helps when having to make a decision. Even here on the Island there is a chap who makes K.98 winter triggers and blank firing adaptors for MP.40's, the work is truly excellent complet with waffenampt stamps. He wraps them in oil paper and the dealers snap them up at the shows and sell them as original, so if you see mint "originals" they more than likely were made in Jersey in the last few years.
    All the best,

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    I was checking internet for refernece for this stock, is this one for K98 sniper with ZF41 Scope?

    Original WW2 K98 Sniper Stock | eBay

    Thanks for help!

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    Yes put together K98 ZF41 above posts are all right I had a real one once it was BYF 44 they did make them that is another thing K98 book only lists certain makers of them. Good display and shooter at the price of them today. timothy

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    ssnnss Looks like one of the modern copys of k98 is it a blowback cap firing model? agree looks brand new stock is new and odd finished. timothy

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