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Kanisters of the Wehrmacht

Article about: Its great to see all these jerrycans. Martin

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    Nice 18, 10 and 5 L cans.....

    You also have the original straps belonging to the 18 L can ?? If not, I have a spare set left

    here my 18, 10 and 5 L ones

    and an overview


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    I only have this 5L can, but next year will try to get a 10L can as well - as of now, only dreaming about 18L + strap
    Kanisters of the Wehrmacht

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    We can only dream of these in Australia.
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    Quote by Danmark View Post
    We can only dream of these in Australia.
    Nice kanisters ,
    Too true , we get the leftovers of the collecting world ..........

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    Thumbs up

    Yep got the straps with my 18L. Bought it at Beltring about 10 yrs ago.
    Here is the back and an SS can I got in Germany several yrs ago. The guy had a shed full in various conditions, said he bought them from a Czech small town fire dept.
    Was also going to post a photo of the 10, 18 u. a 20L wtr cans but can't get the photo to attach, so here are the other 2 photos.
    I've got another SS can that I got at Veterama in Manheim (IF I remember right). It is well used and has been painted green. I've never gotten around to taking any photos of it.
    Kanisters of the Wehrmacht Kanisters of the Wehrmacht

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    Hi Sarge

    Very nice 18 L with the straps... hard to find

    I am sorry to say that the SS Sandrik Kannister you show here is one of the famous copies !!
    I bet it has the "flower" stamp

    You can see that is is a copy because of the fact that the handle is not completely welded ! (you can see the hole above the "a" from Kraftstoff)


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    Look inside the cap at the neck area of any questionable SS Kanister - it will also probably appear similar to the example shown below in the attachment, which is a reproduction.
    Attached Images Attached Images Kanisters of the Wehrmacht 
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    also, another pick-up - a "German Loot" 1944 British jerry...
    Kanisters of the WehrmachtKanisters of the WehrmachtKanisters of the Wehrmacht

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    Hi Guys/Gals and Happy 2015!

    My first show/question of the new year...

    I like this jerry can - 1944 date, maker can't be seen from these pics - so I think I'll bid on this baby - but what's up with that paint job? Looks like the "yellow/gelb" paint was "puked" on the "panzer gray" Camo maybe?

    Any thoughts?


    Kanisters of the WehrmachtKanisters of the WehrmachtKanisters of the Wehrmacht

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    Nice can.

    The first coat of paint is the Dunklegelb (tan yellow) the grey / green is a camo overpaint.

    By 1944 when this can was made "Panzer Grey" was no longer used. All new equipment was painted Dunklegelb.

    Cheers, Ade.
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