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KM Binoculars

Article about: Thanks for the posts, can you guys give me an idea of what these are worth because i got an offer for them. I have mixed feelings about selling them so if I dont sell them it always nice to

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    Hi,thought I would give my penny worth for what it's worth,like your optical guy i am impressed,there are very few of your generation that are interested in let alone want to collect anything from the last war,I'm fifty and have collected since I was seven,being British my father witnessed the Battle of Britain and the thousand bomber raids going to Germany,he collected things off of the gi's and all sorts so I guess I had no choice,I have collected binoculars for the past 25 years,in my humble opinion like with all things we collect,we only own them for a short span of time,we are really custodians for the future collectors,I clean restore and fix all of mine if they need it,from the very lowly dienstglas to the very highest u commander glas ,over time the fungus,dirt will etch into the glass of the prisms and lens's,if you clean them what are you taking away?again in my opinion nothing,you have in fact enhanced them and restored them to their original state,you also have an article that you can use,and as has been said before at the price you got them for you are still well in front,I wish you all the best in your future collecting

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    Hey guys I've finally gotten around to the point i need to sell these badboys and improve me collection a bit, what do you guys think i should ask for them?

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    If I can remember they had no rubber but the rest was fine no damage optically I think $300-400 would be fair they might go for a little more

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    They do have some rubber but it is not complete, also the lenses have been professionally cleaned. Anybody have any other input on what these should sell for

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    I agree- $300 to 400 is about where the range should be in. The Leitz binoculars are the most iconic of the KM glasses, in my opinion, and I consider them superior to the Zeiss. The lenses being cleaned is not a detriment, in my view, but rather a plus. The unfortunate loss of the rubber armoring is, however, and I think I would, given the circumstance, look into the replica rubber mentioned above. the case and strap are quite nice also and certainly help the value considerably. Keep in mind, though, that in the condition that they are presently in, that the values given above are around what you might Pay a dealer for, and what you might Receive for them from such would be noticeably different, of course. (I know that I would give you $200 no problem myself for them as they sit! Drop me a line if interested! )

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    It was meant to be! 'If you want something very much then the whole universe plots for you to get it' said Paolo Coelho... Personaly i think that if you want something very much the whole universe plots to scr@w you over and over again!!! It was your day mate... $30 is nothing for this beauty!!! I was lucky with a KRETA and an Afrika Korps cufftitle that i got for 70 together both being originals!!!!
    Acquires like these is the Universe's way to say "sorry for the so many guys that got fooled and bought replicas"...

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