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MG42 Ammo Box - gew44

Article about: Just catching up but the others have been faster."gew44" is the manufacturer's code / year of production and the paint isn't original IMO.I've sen several boxes and other MG-relate

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    Default MG42 Ammo Box - gew44

    Hey Guys,

    I had this ammo box for a few months now...
    It has the almost the same design/style as the early alu boxes - but it's made of metal.
    ( I think might be late war 1944? )

    The paint is sort of blueish/dark green, does not look like a "Yugo paint job" at all... The only marking is on top in small circle: "gew44"

    Any thoughts?

    Could this be original paint? (It's ok, if not) Any clue of the maker?


    PS: Sorry for the backround...

    MG42 Ammo Box - gew44MG42 Ammo Box - gew44MG42 Ammo Box - gew44MG42 Ammo Box - gew44MG42 Ammo Box - gew44

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    the only "gew" related I've found were "StG 44 (Sturmgewehr 44)" and "Gewehr 98"

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    So anyone else has "gew44" marking on any of their items?

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    Hi Fabe,

    Gew is short as you know for gewehr which in English translates as rifle. I would suggest that the 44 is the date of production or acceptance. So the stamp could possibly be an indication that the box was intended for rifle ammunition and manufactured/accepted in 1944.



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    Thanks Robin, interesting box after all...

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    Sure is I really like these and they are normally reasonable in price.

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    gew is different from Gew.....Here gew should be the three letters code that identifies the maker "Berghaus from Oberbrügge/Westf.". 44 should be the year of production. I'm not convinced at all by the paint.
    Would it be possible to see a photo of the markings pls ?

    In Memoriam :
    Laurent Huart (1964-2008)

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    I must agree with JPhilip...In this case the gew is the manufacturer's code, and 44 the date of production...I can't comment on the paint, but I will say that these always make great display items for a reasonable price...
    cheers, Glenn

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    MG42 Ammo Box - gew44

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    That is definitely a manufacturer's code...thanks for showing!
    cheers, Glenn

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