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MP44 on Ebay

Article about: I don't know if this is the right place to post it but I have to share this!!!!!!! check it out MP44 German Machine Gun War World 2 | eBay

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    Quote by Sarge View Post
    Common misperception - One Must Have a Class 3 lisc to own a full auto weapon in the USA!!!
    Not only No, but Hell No!!!
    A class 3 lisc is required to deal in full auto weapons. There is NO lisc required to own a FA! It must be registered with the US Govt, whether a live gun or a dewat, prior to May 86.
    Live FAs are not legal by state law in only about a half dozen states. Most states have only one requirement to own an operable FA - It Must be registered with the fed govt.
    $20K is way over priced unless it is something uncommon/rare - like an MP 43/1 with a ZF 4 scope base on the rec.
    Here is the problem, it must be a legal class three to get the tax stamp. If it is not currently a registered class III weapon you cannot legally get a tax stamp for it. You can donate it to a museum or turn it in to the local police. There are no other legal options in the US. Believe me I found an MP40 that I wanted that had never been registered. There was no legal way to own it and I went all the way to the BATF to verify that.

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    Quote by Wagriff View Post
    Very true. To have a full automatic weapon, as said, it must be #1. Registered and papered-if it is Not registered, it can never be Made legal, #2. A Transfer Fee(was $200 last I checked) for Every time it changes hands, #3 Local Law Enforcement Permission must be given, #4. Be available at Any given time for inspection and examination by the legal authorities. Some areas further require that it be under secure lock at all times except when being fired and some also require that when fired, it be only at a certain type of regulated firing range. The laws for Class 3 weapons vary throughout the 50 States, but the base rules are generally still the same. To own an Unregistered Class 3 weapon is a Class 5 Federal Felony(7 being the highest) and the penalties for such when caught are up to but not exceeding 10 years in a Federal Facility and/or $10,000 fine or Both.
    What are the laws on relics? For example dug up MP44?

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    In the US the receiver is the registered part. IF the rec is intakt, regardless of condition, it must be registered - NO exceptions!

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    Sarge has it exactly. It doesn't matter if it's a rusted up hulk, if it's intact, it's still applicable to the law. No matter how absurd it might look, to Them, a full auto gun is still a gun.

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Wow silly that relics are treated like that, the law aside though, it sure is a nice looking one in the OP!!!

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    My one that I dug up some years ago
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture MP44 on Ebay  

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