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MP44 Pouches

Article about: Hi all. Thank you for answering my previous questions regarding MP44 pouches. Now, I have yet another one. On a German militaria website, I found these: (SPREE-MILITARIA - 1 Paar Magazintasc

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    In Denmark in some prisons you can have email. And Claus writes on his website that he will be able to ship every 3. week. So I think that he has some sort of leave... :-)

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    Thanks HVK for these infos, i was quite sure that in some "advanced democracies", those kind of things were taken into account, even if jailed...
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    MP44 mags are "long & straight"???? They look sort of curved to me. MP38u40 mags are long & straight.

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    mp44 or stg44 as i prefer magazines are curved ans subsequently so are the pouches thwey go into the straight pouches were for the mp38 mp40 mp 41 the mp28 sorry but the pics shown on this particular thread are correct they are curved and the loops are angled so that you can reach the mag and withdraw it far easier my bad on my type error and sorry sometimes my head injury messes with my thought process yes indeed stg44 mags are curved

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