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Need an experts opinion

Article about: here are some pics of the stamp

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    Exclamation Need an experts opinion

    Hi guys.
    I've found this...thing (see pictures) near a German WW2 bunker site in Greece. From time to time I find there spent cartridges and ammo clips, barbed wire remains etc.
    This one is a piece of flat copper or bronze woven webbing (very small portion of the patern still visible, the photos don't do it any credit...) with a hammered bronze clip fastening (?) the ends. It's very brittle, the site is on a beach.
    I can't find anything even remotely looking like this, I don't know if it's german, not even if perhaps it is modern. It has no markings on it. Bronze/copper deterioration is not that conclusive detecting an object's age, not for a site that close to the sea.
    Should I keep it or dispose of it? Any ideas?
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    Default Re: Need an experts opinion


    Welcome to the forum

    I have a large collection of ground dug items that I have yet to identify. I just keep them in a box until, maybe, one day, someone recognises what one of the pieces are.

    I am afraid this may be the case with your find. Certainly 'beach' finds can be deceptively old. I once found an item that I could have sworn was a good 100 years old. When I cleaned it up there was a stamped date on it of 1987

    We have some real experts on this forum who can ID a piece of metal from 3 miles so, if it is a piece of militaria someone will recognise it. Unfortunately I don't recognise it but it could be something like the remains of a lightning conductor ?

    Good luck in finding out what it is.

    Steve T

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    Default Re: Need an experts opinion

    I think it is an electrical bonding strap.

    Similar woven wire straps are found on most WW2 vehicles to prevent radio interference.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Default Re: Need an experts opinion

    A bonding strap :-)
    Well this is very cool. I found out what this could be, I've learnt how this part is called in English (although this part still could be more recent than WW2)...
    But, there is a good chance some kind of vehicle was either repaired on that spot or maybe blown apart, some 70 years ago...
    Thanks for the prompt responses.

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    Default Re: Need an experts opinion

    Exactly what Ade has said.

    These were placed all over a vehicle to 'bond' certain parts together
    to prevent unwanted static sometimes heard through
    radio equipment.

    Not sure what country this came from. Typical U.S. bond straps are
    usually of one piece with connections at either end..........

    Regards, Steve.
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    Default Re: Need an experts opinion

    this is a boddy to chassy earth strap from a vehicle the coper angle piece is a wear plate to save chaffing as the strap passes over something with a square edge ,country ,no idea, age ? but i have seen many of them , as stated before it should have solid copper ends with holes for bolts but they are long gone
    cheers ian
    or as our US friends would say "a ground strap"
    Last edited by ian; 04-16-2010 at 10:36 PM.

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    Default Re: Need an experts opinion

    ....I wasn't far off with my idea of a lightning conductor then !

    Steve T

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    Default Re: Need an experts opinion

    Thanks again guys.
    I've done a little checking of my own now.
    So, if this was a german part it was called "Masseverbinderband" or (newer version) "Masseband".
    I like the "wear plate" explanation, I had something simmilar on my mind since all pictures I could find didn't show that feature, only the ends to be bolted down.
    About it's origin... well all I have to do now is to look inside all antique ww2 vehicles driving around to see out of which one this may have come from, hahaha.

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    Default Re: Need an experts opinion

    I like the "Lightning Conductor" idea, definately some sort of earth bonding, especially with the copper crimp.

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    Default Re: Need an experts opinion

    Good morning gentlemen, I'm new on this blog and let me tell you that the competence shown by you all is truly amazing. I've learned many things reading your posts, thank you very much to everybody! Now I need your opinion about a waffen ss stamp I bought at a flea market, I suspect it's a fake, but you never know! I'll post some pictures asap. Thank you very much in advance for your answers.

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