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New items to the collection!

Article about: Just picked up these pieces for my collection, thinking about to start a Reinigungsgerät 34 dedicated collection. Also a 1944 dated communications wire hand reel! Thought I would share! WaA2

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    Quote by 1stSSLSSAHTexas View Post
    Really? I had no idea. I just bought it cause it looked nice and I haven't seen the ab40 for sell before. How common are they?
    I have been researching the rg34 for many years and maintain spreadsheets of data for the (can) behälter and other components. There are several thousand examples of behälter variations (name/code/date/WaA,etc) documented in these databases. Almost all of the rg34 material produced by Mundlos AG in 1940 is marked with their name and date (or a form thereof). Items stamped ab40 are much harder to locate. Component parts (oiler, chain, and tool) bearing the ab40 marking are observed with some frequency but the can itself is rarely seen. Only a small handful of examples have been recorded in the spreadsheets. My thoughts only ....

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    The reinforced RG34 container is my favourite....nice

    In Memoriam :
    Laurent Huart (1964-2008)

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    What is a reinforced RG34? NH

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    Answered my own question on the RG34 web site. Apparently, I have an example of the reinforced RG34. It was sold to me years ago as Luftwaffe because of the L shape reinforcement section. Now I know the truth! NH

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    It is not so much a reinforcement measure as a construction variation designed to secure the central component dividing section and patch compartment base plate in place. The grooves stamped into the body of the rg34 behälter hold these internal parts in place. I suppose it could be asserted that it helps strengthen the construction to some nominal degree however. Mundlos and Hawig began to produce their steel painted cans in this variation in 1940. The other maker's used tack or spot welding to secure these internal parts in place during this period and never adopted the "grooved" behälter. My thoughts only ......

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    Kriegsmodell, Thanks for your input. I guess there may also have been some issues with the Behälter getting crushed which may have led some folks to think that was the purpose of the construction change. Appreciate the feedback! NH

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