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Nora Luftwaffe radio

Article about: Guys,,are these radios real period pieces,,,I mean were the eagles really on there during wartime,,or do you think these things were prettied up after the war?? Does anyone have or ever seen

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    Do you have an example for me of said dealer site please?

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    Oakleaf Militaria,,,he's had this thing forever,,,he's a real nut job,,this guy
    German Field Equipment

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    The Collectors Guild have a a Siemens version too if anyone is really keen.

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    Quote by Rahlenbeck View Post
    This is the real thing! I have seen a few of them, my father was a radiorepairman for German Grundig, so, naturally i got interested in radios. And he is a hamradio operator so, the whole thing came naturally. Beleve me, this is an original... Ill buy it anyday ^^
    Great find, these are rare. All I have is an Volksempfenger... Jelous
    You cant fake bakelite... its uniqe
    What would you pay for a working one.

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    A good example. As you know from the posts, Siemens made the K32 as well. I have one of the Siemens and your Nora example is spot on real. The markings are not bogus. Here in the states I have seen this kind of radio priced at around $600. But my value amount is based upon a ten year old purchase. I have no idea of value today. Mine was restored to working condition and will pull in radio frequencies after being plugged into a DC source.

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    Niblet, I have a WWII Vet Friend who has three of these things.

    He was in the 82nd Airborne, and was his unit Radio Man, While he was in Italy he began to collect this stuff, and sending it home, via the QM Co.

    he has a great little collection of Nazi and Para-Luft stuff.

    He wanted to give me one of those radio's along with a model 1918 German Sward taken off of a German Officer, on D-Day when he jumped in as a member of the 101st.

    I had no use for the radio and am only into collecting German rifles.

    I am sure he would be willing to let that radio go for $300.00.

    let me know if your interested, he has a large collection of other items.

    I dont know where you live, but he only would sell to people he knows or meets in person.
    so depending on how far away you live from Winston-Salem NC, If this information could be of use to you.

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    I sent you an email,,

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    When I was eleven years old in 1956, I discovered a second hand store in Chicago that sold war relics. The first time I went in the shop he had one of these radios for $7.00. That was a lot of money for a young kid at that time. The large eagles were very impressive to my young eyes. I bought a Kreigsmarine schiffen for $3.00 and went home and saved up my money. I went back a couple of weeks later and found it to be sold. I spent my $7.00 on a mint 2nd model Luftwaffe dagger with hangers and knot that was priced at $7.50!


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