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Opinion of Nazi Leadership Silverware piece

Article about: IF the only markings on the flag are what you show - It is Not a Km flag! If it was there would be an eagle/M on the binding. If not a Km flag the value is considerably less. That being said

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    Default Opinion of Nazi Leadership Silverware piece

    Opinion of Nazi Leadership Silverware pieceOpinion of Nazi Leadership Silverware pieceOpinion of Nazi Leadership Silverware pieceOpinion of Nazi Leadership Silverware pieceOpinion of Nazi Leadership Silverware pieceOpinion of Nazi Leadership Silverware pieceI am I have posted this here correctly.

    So I am in a unsure situation. I have a piece of Hermann Goering Silverware being offered to me in trade and cash for my Kriegsmarine Flag .

    The issue is I LOVE the old 3rd Reich dinning ware especially one owned by a infamous personality in wwii. However my issue is , how can you authenticate these ? I trust the dealer completely , he is very well known in all of his knowledge and is known and dealt with international and national level of customers . Is it worth it to me ? Yes. However , if I were to ever need to trade or sell it the silverware piece, how is anyone going to believe me this is what it is ?

    It has the needed markings and I know this dealer would have a money back guarantee. Issue is I know the Flag is worth the amount its worth but with this silverware piece its a little harder to value because it's a item not many people will know about or its value. So...what is your opinion my fellow collectors ? Should I do it ?

    Also , does any appraisal company authenticate these types of silverware ?
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    I wouldn't make a trade if the flag is really nice. Just go
    and buy the piece - if it is genuine. You might post
    some pics of it here for opinions.........


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    Well I can try later for some photos. The flag has two pin holes...has some odd substance on it in a semi large spot however all those spots are easily removeable as it appears to be on top of the fabric not sinked in.

    I think size wise it is a 3by5 . overall I would say its in really good shape.

    This dealer though tends to be higher priced on items so I think his offer 500-400 is better then what other offers I may get. I am unsure with condition. I would like to trade it for another neat item however its hard when I'd have to trust someone to even send it .

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    Check and compare hallmarkings with other similar Silverware types. Im sure its fine..and have an Idea who you might be getting it from.
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    I have never heard of the Koppen Company , who the maker is . I have photos of the flag, not sure how to post them here. I may post them on the flags part of th forum , maybe look there.

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    I have posted photos !

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    Any photos of the Goering silverware piece?

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Thank you William - I was refering to the silverware piece
    in question. The flag though, is very nice.........


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    Thanks what is the value on something like this with the damage ? I have heard...200....400....

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    No appreciable 'damage' to the flag, but I'd say you're
    in the ballpark.

    First, it would be good to get pics up of the piece of
    silverware you intend to trade for this nice flag.
    Personally, I wouldn't do the trade, but ID'ing
    the silverware as an original HG fork, spoon,
    whatever, should be a big concern.........


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