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Opinions needed to this binocular buttoning flap

Article about: Hy Guys! Just want to show you my binocular buttoning flap. I have doubts about it's probably a fake one. Any opinions?

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    Thank you very much Larboard! I have doubts as I mentioned about this buttoning flap & neckstrap. I bought it separately from my Busch Dienstglas. I also know, that there are thousands of fake RbNr-ed things out there.. Probably my example is one of them, I don't know. The eagle looks okay, but nowadays it doesn't matter to do a good fake eagle stamp..... The leather has an extremely strong leather smell, so I had to bring out of my room my Dienstglas What's your final opinion? I would say it's fake...

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    Strap and flap are repro, IMO. Binoculars 100% - nice and
    unmolested .......... !


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    I felt it somehow. Anyway it wasn't too much, 20... Yesterday, at the same seller on eBay, he sent another one set of these, but with different WaA and RbNr numbering for 34,5..

    Thank you! Yes, it's an unmolested piece of hardware I like it very much!

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    I see quite a lot like these:
    Attached Images Attached Images Opinions needed to this binocular buttoning flap 


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    Yes, they are the most popular types around.
    This is mines backside with it's original, not the new fake one neckstrap:
    Opinions needed to this binocular buttoning flapOpinions needed to this binocular buttoning flapOpinions needed to this binocular buttoning flapOpinions needed to this binocular buttoning flap

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    I have several of these hold down flaps and have seen many others. I have Never seen one marked like that. Could be good, but I'd be leery of it???

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    I don't know if I would call the strap a Fake, so much as a replica replacement ,perhaps? The chances of finding a decent conditioned 70+ yer old original piece of leather that's been handled thousands of times in probably inclement weather is kind of slim, so I imagine there would be makers producing these things to look authentic for those who want to restore their glasses.

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Yep, after all we can say it's not fake, we can call it a replacement piece - that's the correct word for it. I bought it because the original neckstrap has a tear on it, and it's almost torn in half. With this new one, I can use it without any fear And.. in other case, I also can you it's original. The hold down flaps is extra on it.
    Thank you all the comments and help, I very appreciate.

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    I would not call it a replacement piece.It is a fake/replica which replaces an original item.
    As for the smell, i bought a fake luger holster and the smell was so bad and intense that i had to keep it for months (yep months)
    outside in my small warehouse !!

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    I would not call it a "fake", I'd call it a reproduction with "Fake" markings.

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