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Patronen Kast

Article about: A friend of me found this boox with a red marking * Do you know such box, for what use ? Karbid? Thanks

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    This box is for MG42 or MG34 ammo, each box contained 5 belts, 50 rounds in each. As there were no special boxes for K98 (or also Mp40, MP43 or 44) ammo they used in battle situation the same MG ammo boxes to transport ammo to the frontline. So it was important to mark the box - what will a MG-gunner do with 250 rounds without the belt? Or what should do a platoon armed with K98-s when they will get the MG ammo belts? So sometimes answers are very simple.

    Anyway, a very nice and 100% original MG ammo box!

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    Don't know what the source is for having marked the ammo cans like that, but the abreviations are in German.
    I have been collecting WW 2 German for 50+ years and I have Never seen any ammo cans marked like that!
    Will be interesting to see what they are eventualy be ID'd as.

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    Sarge, I have not seen this type of marking either. But I'm no expert on these things so I'm waiting for others to chime in. I have looked at an ordnance dictionary and there is no mention of D-Muni which can be seen on one of the ammo cans in the second photo. Mun is listed as a short form for Munition duirng the WWII era. Maybe the D-Muni is a post war marking on a war time ammo can. The reason I think this is the case is that it mimics the US short form for ammunition as ammo. Anyone know if the Bundeswehr adopted the short form Muni? NH

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