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Pertrix Flashlight

Article about: Pictures of a Pertrix Flashlight I have, found at a classic car show.

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    Have not seen that type either but I will keep my eyes open.


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    Bill Long

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    Jock Auld, I have recently purchased a ww2 carbide lantern like the one you have. It came with a seperate Karbide container and special bakelite box of lantern replacement parts. My question is where do you put the carbide, exactly? I ask this because of the parts in the lamp's cup container. Does the funnel item sit on the carbide with the perfereated tube up right and does the spring and plate item get placed above, with the spring faceing down?
    This lamp is pictured in the book "Deutsche Soldaten" by Agustin Saiz, on page 225 item#117-120 but doesn't explane how to fire it up. Help!

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    Hello Jock,
    We may be drifting a bit off topic here but I couldn't resist digging out this from my potholing diary. These were taken on Feb. 2nd 1974 deep under the Mendip Hills., I'm the one with the silly beard, my mate John died two years back. I was age 24, now I'm nearly 60 and can't get my wheelchair underground these day's. We used carbide lamps a lot then. These days I don't think they are used at all because of pollution and reliable lightweight batteries.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Pertrix Flashlight  

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    Fill the water container check that the regulator works and you only need a drop every 5-10 seconds.

    Put about 2cm worth of carbide in the bottom of the base (there should be a line?groove? do not go above that), then the plate affair with the spring upward the funnel shaped bit then sits in the middle of the spring, do the whole thing up making sure you have a seal fitted.

    To light it set the water dripping leave for a miniute or two for the pressure to build up. Light it outside at first to avoid any accidents. If the flame is flaring too high simlpy reduce the water (clockwise).



    Looks like fun but can be dangerous when it rains I understand?

    Sorry about your pal, must have been young still.

    Looks like you had a good time though..


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    Sir, Thats a great flashlight. I haven't seen one with the swaz. before. I saw one with SA in place of the swaz. Thanks for sharing it. AWESOME!!! Tim

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    I realize this a an old thread, but i have been looking for years, for any information on this flash light. While cleaning out my grandfathers garage, I found one with the swazsticka on it. This is the only other one I have ever seen. Please send me any information you have on it. Thanks

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