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Question about Afrika Korps Rucksack

Article about: Dear Friends, I have a question for you... Afrika Korps rucksacks don't have shoulder straps because they were fixed to Y straps....but is it possible that some of these rucksacks had should

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    I'm sure everyone will bend over backwards to give you promote replies in the future , five minutes or less ! Sorry if my language offends you , I didn't realize I was talking to a pre-schooler . I'll use smaller words and less Dirty Language in this reply . So you and your buddy were talking about backpacks , and he said something about strapped Backpacks used by Africa korps . And you had to run to your computer and ask us here to answer your (time sensitive) question . Just trying to get this all straight .

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    Dear CBH,

    since they are not so presumptuous as you think I am....and I don't think to be the depositary of ''truth''...I hoped that someone here could help me...that's it....When I posted''nobody can help me'' wasn't because I think that the world is at my feet.....but simply to eventually encourage without other, I'd like to finish here this ''controversy''....and I am ready to hang on your every word if you can help me.
    Otherwise we should leave room for those who can you agree?

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    Yes please do , I guess I interpreted your tone as condescending to a active , valued member here and I took exception to that . I hope you find the answer to your question , I've found many things claimed to be Afrika Korps issue were simply late war general issue items made without leather due to war time shortages .

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    Dear CBH,

    Ok....fine my problem.English it's not my Language and I now that there can be misunderstandings.No problem your you suggest that the problem is really understand if an item is DAK or not?That's true....I red some books about and expecially for dak rucksacks they say that they were fixed directly to y straps....sometimes shoulder straps but web straps.. the friend of mine is convinced that there were with shoulder straps in leather fixed permanently to the central ring.....I begin to think ,in the light of what you said, that he has seen only tampered rucksacks.......Thank you.

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    I would agree , either tampered with or late war packs . From about 1940 tropical issue Y-straps were made of webbing , I wouldn't think they would attach leather to tropical gear , considering war time shortages .

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    Dear CBH,

    Next week I will go to dinner with this friend and I will ask to show me where has he seen these ''rucksacks''...I will find the way to post photos if possible.
    Thank you again for your helpfullness....we owe you.

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    First of all, there was no Afrikakorps Rucksack labelled as such, as i wrote in my pevious post.
    At the time the Afrikakorps was created, there was no Rucksack widely spread in the german army, except the Tornister (general issue haversack for all branches of service except GJ truppen) with removable carrying straps, the GJ truppen Rucksack with non removable straps and the artillerie non mounted personnel Rucksack with non removable straps.

    So at this time the norm was NON REMOVABLE straps. The GJ truppen Rucksack has its wide straps sewn to an O-ring, the artillerie Rucksack has its narrow straps riveted.

    Y-straps issued at this time within the Infanterie were meant to carry the Tornister or the Gefechtgepäck (A-frame).

    Everything changed when the Y-straps became general issue items. An all range of Rucksacks were adopted, including the Rucksack meant to replace the A-frame, very similar to the Artillerie Rucksack but with hooks instead of straps (and with two frontal straps meant for the Zeltbahn).

    Concerning tropical Rucksacks, Luftwaffe ones had carrying straps as Luftwaffe troops didn't have Y-straps with D-rings at the back (both straps sewn to an O-ring). Please remember that in the Afrikakorps, there was a very small amount of classic Infantry troops, most of them being Motorized or Armoured Infantry that were not supposed to get Y-straps...

    When a large amout of tropical Rucksacks were produced, approximatively at the same time than Y-straps became general issue, they had hooks, not straps....


    In Memoriam :
    Laurent Huart (1964-2008)

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    Dear JPhilip,
    what about ... more precise than this ..... even I was wrong to think certain things ( removeable straps) but it comforts me that I was still the right not to believe DAK rucksacks with shoulder straps in leather ..... books? Some really good book because at this point ... we just have to read ..
    Thank you for your exquisite availability.

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    Dear Friends,

    finally I have met my friend and I have told him about rucksacks and about what I have learned here from you and what you have confirmed me.He continues with his ideas but ...we cannot help it. To substantiate his theory, he has shown me photos of DAK rucksacks mounting shoulder leather straps...but these photos are on another forum and I don't show you because I don't know if it's a correct action that I can do without breaking rules of this comunity or of that forum.
    I write to you because I promised you I would have written after the meeting.....
    Thank you again everybody for your hepfullness and kind regards

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