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Question about Afrika Korps Rucksack

Article about: Dear Friends, I have a question for you... Afrika Korps rucksacks don't have shoulder straps because they were fixed to Y straps....but is it possible that some of these rucksacks had should

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    Default Question about Afrika Korps Rucksack

    Dear Friends,

    I have a question for you... Afrika Korps rucksacks don't have shoulder straps because they were fixed to Y straps....but is it possible that some of these rucksacks had shoulder straps permanently fixed to the ring?I ask this because I have seen in Web some examples of these rucksacks with leather shoulder straps...but fixed not permanently.... at most in a way of quick release...and never permanently to the central ring.
    A friend of mine say it's possible but honestly in my books I haven't find this ....someone can help me?
    Thank you for your helpfullness.....

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    nobody can help me??

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    Because of time differences around the world, the people that might be able to help you would not necessarily be on the forum for you. Be patient, it may be a few days before you get your answer but it will come.
    There is a lot of knowledge here..... but 28 posts in 2 years?.. you aren't the most regular yourself.
    " When you're chewing on life's gristle, don't grumble, give a whistle "

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    Dear Danmark,

    First ) there was no resentment or impatience in me when I sayd ''nobody can help me''.....iIt was only because the topic it's interesting to me because I know only that there are time zones.

    Second)about your statement of ''my 28 posts'' I can say that what unfortunately happened to me ''personally''.... over the last two years and the problems I had ... I have certainly not explain it to you!!

    Third) If you want to give me little lesson of ''education'' ALSO ( and not only count) my 28 posts....I have always speaked with cuteness and kindness ( it's my way..) with everybody.
    I'm searching some gentle and expert person that can teach me something about Rucksacks (because I do not pretend to know everything) and not
    moral lessons.

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    easy guys...cooool...
    What type of Rucksack are you talking about please ?
    Because there's no Afrikakorps Rucksack labelled as such...
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    Thumbs down

    Perhaps you should post photos of your rucksak Before you jump on someone for anything! Asking a question without showing what you're talking about is rather ???

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    Dear Philip,

    Thank you for your answer first of all.There isn't a photo.Me and this friend of mine were talking about DAK Rucksacks and he told that there were versions with leather shoulder straps fixed permanently at the central ring, like parts of Y-straps adapted...I knew that these Rucsacks were made to be set with A frame or Y-straps and occasionally there were shoulder straps but not leather than web and free I searched on my books and I didn't find what my friend say.
    In internet instead there are some photos...but...are they original?Post war replacement?Adaptions to a ''civil'' use?...this is my question...Thank you again for your helpfullness.

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    Dear Sarge,

    I didn't jump on anyone...I only asked a question....the polemic I have not started I......ok?

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    Watch your Tone sorecat , 2016 seem to be the year of Bitching on WRF . Members with thousands of helpful posts get ridiculed by rarely seen or heard of members , who think their Shit don't stink . So wait for replies and shut up about it , or find a new site where bad behaviour is more encouraged .

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    Dear CBH,
    I'm aren't...and your Language says it all.........I have never used a dirty word unlike you...if You think of to scare you so ...I'm really trembling.....who are you to suggest me to find another site?If ''you'' feel ridiculed....your problem...
    I ask the moderator to intervene because I have not done anything wrong and some ''gentleman'' decided to put fuel on the fire by raising the tone.

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