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Rotes kreuz tornister for review

Article about: I'll see if I can get newbie to post . What do you need to see .

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    Default Rotes kreuz tornister for review

    Hey guys, I'm posting this for a fellow forum member. It's at a local antique shop where he lives. He doesn't have pic posting capabilities right now. Maker marked DNY 1944... I'm not big on these, most look like Rotes kreuz add on insignia, but in doing some research along with another forum member and some links on WAF, apparently they are legit and most are found in unissued any help is greatly appreciated in authenticating. Also I know we really don't give values on items, but could anyone just let us know if the price is high, low, or right on, shop will not take less than $325. Thanks everyone!
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    Thank you Josh for posting this for me

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    No problem, sorry my auto correct put Ritterkreuz, lol.....I did fix it, but it still says it until you actually view the post....i hope people still look!!!!

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    How strange that my RK backpack is for sale at your local antique shop, while the backpack is lying in my house...... and definitely is NOT for sale

    (but I do admit, my house sometimes looks like an antique shop, but is definitely not !!! )

    As you can see the pictures are copyrighted by me !

    Strange indeed !!!!

    the last few pictures are from a different backpack

    And unfortunately, I can't tell from these few pictures if this is a genuine one.... but if it is, 325$ is a bargain for a Red Cross backpack..... almost sounds too good to be true


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    Tom your photos got mixed up in the text that got sent back and forth between myself and two other members as we were comparing yours to the one I was looking at very sorry for the mix up . Can you tell us a little about your pack. Gary

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    Hi Gary

    I suspected something like that ......

    Well, there is not much to tell, what would you like to know.....

    Most of the details can be seen on my pictures, and dny was definitely the maker of mine, but I can't see the maker mark on the one in the shop

    Also I would like to see the stitching of the red cross of the one in the shop.... because indeed, these are faked......

    As far as i can see the one in the shop is a good one, but I would definitely want to see more pictures..


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    btw, the brown strap you see on this picture is a cavalry strap, which does not belong to the backpack

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    Tom thank you again they wanted $400 US talked th down to $325. The stitching looks the same as yours I only have shots ony phone and my phone won't let me post photos.

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    Maker is dny 1943 dated

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    Can you mail the pictures from your phone ??


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