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Scho-ka-kola tin: Question

Article about: Hi I was thinking of getting one of these old tins and was wondering are they made for reenactors and is there anything to say somebody could buy one kick it around the garden,bury it and th

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    I just sold one on Fleabay last week, an original one for 30 euros. Still have some other items like matches, spork, Wehrpass, all stuff for in the breadbag.

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    Hi folks, I own a 1940 dated tin. The original war time tins have very sharp edges - not soft rolled edges. The first post shows an original 1938 dated can in pretty rough shape. You can find them for sale now and then but the US price is always pretty high. Mine is marked Wehrmacht Packung and it was made by the Hildebrand company in Berlin. They also packed Red Cross Shokolade in similar size tins that carried the DRK logo. I looked them up on the web. They listed the company as being founded in 1954! However, we all know the truth. My email inquiry regarding their earlier history went unanswered. BTW, I make a very cheap repro for re-enactors that you can throw in your bread bag and beat to hell. NH

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    I've just acquired this 'dug-up' tin from the Volgograd area......

    The '1939' date is still visible.

    Sorry to sully the thread with a rather salty item, but I'm at least fairly certain it's not a fake........

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    I think you can be safe in assuming it's the real deal. I've read the fakes these days are a metal tin with a sticker matching the original design, whereas your example is clearly not a sticker.

    Here is my 1941 example...

    Scho-ka-kola tin: Question

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    Nice tin ! The Scho-Ka-Kola story fascinates me : the way it's mentioned in Wehrmacht memoirs ( such as The Forgotten Soldier ) and the fact that you can still buy it today......

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    I have also seen repro stickers one can buy to stick on other round tins, for reanactment. So if you come across one with a (aged) sticker be carefull.
    I sold an original Scho-ka-kola tin on Fleabay last year, it went for about 40 euros if I recall correct, which I found a little dissapointing but thats the risc of no reserve I geuss.

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    I have two modern tins on the way to me. I can't wait to try it!

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    Be wary of Wife loves good,dark chocolate and every time I go to my Scho-Ka-Kola tin there seem to be less segments than before.................

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