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small revolver

Article about: Got this earlier today, the guy said it was a vet bring back taken by his uncle who was an nco, from a german prisoner. It is marked August Stukenbrok

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    Default small revolver

    Got this earlier today, the guy said it was a vet bring back taken by his uncle who was an nco, from a german prisoner. It is marked August Stukenbrok small revolver

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    Any ideas on value etc appreciatedsmall revolver

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    Looks like an older piece from the turn of the last century. Shame that it's in such
    rough condition - this will effect the value greatly - not that these 'Velo-Dog'
    pistols are worth much to begin with. Where and how was it stored ?
    You would be lucky to get $40 or $50.

    I cannot imagine a soldier carrying a pistol around in a condition such as this.
    The barrel must be pitted so badly that it likely would not shoot.........


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    Not sure where he had it, probably in some damp shed, by the looks of it, the condition is rough alright
    but over all, i reckon, it could clean up, the trigger is not returning fully,could need a new spring, and i can not get the cylinder open yet, will have to give it plenty of oil, are these collectable? i personally will try move it on if i can

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    Sorry,Paddy-but it's not worth a whole heck of a lot-especially in it's present condition. I can't imagine a Vet bringing one of these things home and keeping it in the bottom of a rain barrel, but stranger things have happened, I guess!

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    If it were in excellent, shootable condition, the price could possibly be
    around $150-$250. On this side of the pond, a revolver of this type
    is sometimes called a 'Saturday Night Special'.


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    In Ireland all handguns are hard to get a licence for, so it could have been stored in a variety of places, that you would not expect, even down the jacks,(toilet)
    Yeah i guess the condition takes from it, but still a nice piece of history, on opening the loading gate, the chambers seem to be ok, not very much rust, looking forward to getting to see down the barrell, just googled this maker August stukenbrok an interesting guy, made many things including bikes

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    The trigger folded so it would fit into a pocket and would be
    less likely to get snagged upon withdrawl.........


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    Thanks for replies on this guys, i will put up some more photos of it, when i get, it cleaned up a bit and other parts of it moving.

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    Good luck with cleaning it, however its best that you check the laws in Ireland before you proceed though. Its likely that this piece is considered an obsolete calibre weapon that wouldn't require deactivation, but it would be best to make sure



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