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SS demitasse spoons for opinions...

Article about: I believe "Staal" is Dutch for "Steel".

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    Default SS demitasse spoons for opinions...

    Hi all. I'm pretty sure these are known reproduction tea/coffee spoons, but would like some opinions before passing them up (have an opportunity to purchase them). They are non-magnetic, and appear to be silver, with a stamp on the reverse that reads, "stahl 90"...

    SS demitasse spoons for opinions...SS demitasse spoons for opinions...SS demitasse spoons for opinions...SS demitasse spoons for opinions...SS demitasse spoons for opinions...


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    Circuit advertisement SS demitasse spoons for opinions...
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    stainless steel,non magnetic.

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    Quote by harryamb2 View Post
    stainless steel,non magnetic.
    Hi harryamb2. Thanks for your reply, but your comment is very vague, would you mind elaborating some? Are you suggesting that the spoons are stainless steel because they're non-magnetic, because most stainless steel is magnetic, while silver is not (this set is NOT magnetic). If you feel they're fake, could you give your reasons? It would be nice for future viewers of this thread to have a clear understanding of why these are considered fake.

    Thanks again!

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    good stainless is non magnetic,as for originality you have already answered that yourself.

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    He said Steel, because they are clearly marked "Staal" on their undersides. As said, they would not necessarily be magnetic. The "90", I believe means silver plated, so they are likely silver plated steel. The SS in the wreath is clearly stamped into the body of the handle post-manufacture. These were made using an older set of cheap spoons with a blank monogram area and surreptitiously adding a fake SS runes in a Wreath stamping afterwards to make them entice suckers into buying them for big bucks.

    (Although, looking closer, due to the roughness of the areas around the wreath, it appears the monogram shield may Not have been empty, but has been ground off to remove the existing monograms first)

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    SS demitasse spoons for opinions...
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    Thanks William, for the much more detailed and educational reply. What you say makes sense. I was expecting something more along the lines of "they're a known fake/fantasy set", but you took it a step further an actually explained the reasons why this is so. Much appreciated.

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    Their so well known that if you Google fake SS spoons you can get their address and phone #.

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    I am still sure that they are stainless steel at that grade,somthing I learnt when rebuilding old m/cycles.

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    Well known fakes, a friend of mine had a few too. He bought them on internet some years ago cheap, hoping to have struck the jackpot.
    They are made of a steel alpaca or steel with nickle and were silver plated. The 90 means they used 90 grams of silver over the whole set (12 pieces). 90 is the lowest and cheapest you can get in silver plating, 200 grams being the highest.
    Wartime or pre-wartime spoons would have been a copper aloy with silver plating. I dont even think they origine from Germany as the German word for Steel is Stahl, and not Staal.

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