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STRANGE Feldflasche with Carrying- Handle, marked ESB41???

Article about: Hey mates... Some days ago ive got this canteen. Its huge, takes 2 Liters of water. it looks quite much like a german WW2 canteen, but much bigger. it comes with a wooden handle so it can

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    I have seen a number of Third Reich military items pressed into service after the war. The first time I saw such a thing was about 15 years ago at a dealer's house. He showed me an enameled colander and asked me what was unusual about it. Take a look at the photo and you will see! I think the canteen is a post war modification to put unused canteens back into practical use. NH

    STRANGE  Feldflasche with Carrying- Handle, marked ESB41???

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    On ebay now for 99 US dollars described as a "survival" canteen. I don't buy the Luftwaffe survival canteen bit. Unless someone has evidence to the contrary I think these are post war re-use of military items made for consumer sale. NH

    STRANGE  Feldflasche with Carrying- Handle, marked ESB41???

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    Anyway, it seems this caanteen is somewhat rare. I am glad ive got it, and even for a very reasoable price. The interesting thing is that even in this very sophisticated forum nobody seems to be certain about whats the deal with this canteen... The "mystery" remains even thou many interesting theories have been expressed..

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    just remembered this canteen thread.. Anybody out there with new "theories" ?

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