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Tellermine good deal?

Article about: Hi guys! i have been offered this tellermine for 150 (shipping cost including) i don't like too much the seller, because he offered me a some helmets a couple months ago and the decals was

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    Default Re: Tellermine good deal?

    Thank you guys for your quickly replys! i'm going to buy it, the mine itself is 100 + 50 for the shipping... (that's what i hate from our hobby, the shipping cost..) and can't ask for a lower price, he don't want to make a 50 for the mine + 50 for the shipping...

    It's for a puppet that i'm doing with tellermine and panzerfaust, so i think it'll be fit great in my war room!

    I have been offered a tellermine box for 100 more, and save shipping cost making a bigger lot, but i think i'm going to let it go, 100 more for something that i don't really need for my mpuppet... here the photos

    Thanks you all again!

    Tellermine good deal?Tellermine good deal?Tellermine good deal?Tellermine good deal?

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    100 euros for Tellermine and another 100 for a nice box is not too much at all. From whene You can get them any cheaper?

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    Default Re: Tellermine good deal?

    yes you're right, but unless the box was a really good deal for that price (don't know really what usually a box worth) I don't need it for my puppet

    Should i buy both?

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    Default Re: Tellermine good deal?

    Collect ROA, Cossack, Schuma and other WW2 Volunteer militaria.

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    Default Re: Tellermine good deal?

    Ok, 250 for the mine and the box, that's what i'm going to do. Both looks in good shape (not the best, i know, but good enough) and if i buy the box, i save the shipping cost

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    Default Re: Tellermine good deal?

    Hi again guys! the tellermine and its box have arrived, i'm very happy with them

    For now they have to "sleep" in the terrace, because my girlfriend says that "this stinky thing can't be inside the house till the smells goes away" hehehe i'm going to clean it a little bit, give it a "shower" and go direct to my war room.

    Anyone knows what are that markings? (i suppose one is the date, 28.4.43) but the 55, and the krl don't know what could be, any ideas?


    Tellermine good deal?Tellermine good deal?Tellermine good deal?

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    Default Re: Tellermine good deal?

    nice an not easily found items! you got a nice deal there!

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    Default Re: Tellermine good deal?

    "krl" = Dynamit AG (formerly Alfred Nobel u. Co.), Kruemmel plant, Koblenz
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    Default Re: Tellermine good deal?

    I like it. Wish I had one for my war room.

    I specialize in M1 carbines and Lugers.

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    Default Re: Tellermine good deal?

    The price is fine for the mine and the box plus shipping , you have a good deal !!
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