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Unknown e-tool/Spaten German?

Article about: Interesting thought! The only immediate difference that I can see with the British 39 and the one posted here is that the British 39's 2 curled over edges ,where you press down with your foo

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    Default Unknown e-tool/Spaten German?


    I am not to sure about this e-tool. Only markings that I can visually see are on the handle which look to be "RP 32" or "KP 32".
    I am not very good with e-tools, So I would love to hear some feedback and opinions. No loss here. I Acquired it for free along with A 98k cleaning kit and m40 stahlhelm.

    Unknown e-tool/Spaten German?Unknown e-tool/Spaten German?Unknown e-tool/Spaten German?

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    Hi Mike, well the price was right!

    I have one the same, unmarked, but in green paint. Had it 30 years and never get to the bottom of it's real origin.

    The problem is so many European armies used this type of design.

    Cheers, Ade.
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    My good friend said it may be Weimar pre-war. Not sure though.

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    Quote by 1stSSLSSAHTexas View Post
    My good friend said it may be Weimar pre-war. Not sure though.
    The folded ears and rivets would have me say pre war or Weimar period however that RP mark has came up here before I can't find it but Holland is what seems like was determined. Adrian is right a lot of europeon countries made copies of the M-93 shovel however Germans used a lot of countries spades during the war. Maybe some one will come along that can give a better answer. As I have said before there is not enough reference on these so it gets confusing maybe some one will write a good book on just spades not a lot is known on them. timothy

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    IMO it is a WWI german shovel
    IMO the marking on the handle was stamped later

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    I have on just like it marked R P 39. NH

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    Got the same one (also RP32)

    Bought it together with a original shovel cover... (of course the shovel was sold as german ww2... I didn't even bother to tell the seller as the cover was cheap)

    Anyway, I also think it's WW1, but it's true a lot of these show up here in the Netherlands....

    Maybe the dutch army (pre - 40) bought a series of these shovels....?? (only guessing of course, but the dutch army also used german made stretchers)


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    Looking at it again it is identical to a WW1 German marked maker 1916 I once had with a Reichwer eagle and unit over stamped in blade. Could have been acquired by Holland and stamped on handle? As Tom says. timothy

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    My 1st immediate impression was German WWI...

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    From the shape of the handle and the fact that the bottom half of the blade is unpainted, I think it looks a lot like the British 1939 Pattern entrenching tool.

    Edit: Just thinking, since a lot of these are found in the Netherlands, could it be that the Dutch were supplied with these by the British post war?

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