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Untranslated and Identified Kit

Article about: I would appreciate a Translation and info on the contents? Thanks once again Frank

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    Default Untranslated and Identified Kit

    I would appreciate a Translation and info on the contents? Thanks once again

    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Untranslated and Identified Kit   Untranslated and Identified Kit  

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    Circuit advertisement Untranslated and Identified Kit
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    This is a gas protection kit....

    I don't know the exact translation of Tupfer (cotton tabs ??), but it is for skin decontamination. The manual is on the inside of the lid, medical park, Berlin

    The other item in this kit is Riechmittel (which is translated by google translate as PERFUMERY ) this was used when blue cross gasses were used and had to be inhaled....

    According to this skin decontamination pamflet every soldier was issued with such a kit


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    Thank you very much Tom....Best Regards, Frank

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    Tupfer would be swab in English. A swab is usually cotton and can come in various forms including the type known as Q-tip in the US. NH

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    Thank you for the detailed information, Tom! And welcome to the Forum, Frank...!
    cheers, Glenn

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    nice kit.

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    Hi MP44tom,
    Please can you clarify something for me. On the page you kindly posted with the various gas kit on we can see the orange bottle for the skin de-contamination and it has a label on it. The brown bottle for the waffen de-contamination as far as I know never had a label. In your experience is that correct and do you have the waffen bottle as it appears on your sheet.. If so please post some pictures of it as I have never seen more than just the bottle on its own.
    All the best from Jersey,

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    I would like to know about the Waffen decontamination kit too. Never saw one before. NH

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    IMHO the Waffen decontamination container never had a label (The only ones I've seen with a label were fakes from the (in)famous seller Heereszeugamt)

    Unfortunately I never saw the plastic box for the Waffenentgiftung.... I have a few for the normal "Hautentgiftungssalbe" but they are clearly marked "HAUT"

    The normal weapon decontamination flasks are brown/black in color, while the Hautentgiftungssalbe containers are red/orange in color...... but my guess is you know them


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    Yes, I know them and have around 100. Some are still full but was always curious as to if there was a label. I did not think there was, but as you say, there was some floating around with labels but they did look wrong.

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