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Wartime esbit fuel ?

Article about: Wartime kocher fuel ?

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    Default Wartime esbit fuel ?

    Wartime kocher fuel ?
    Wartime esbit fuel ?Wartime esbit fuel ?

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    Circuit advertisement Wartime esbit fuel ?
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    D R G M.
    R = Reich
    The best Militaria forum in France is here :

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    I wanted to make sure so its wartime great i get it for cheap price

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    Period but not for Wehrmacht. This is commercial (civil) esbit fuel. BTW - DRP DRGM and DRWZ were used also post war, to 40/50s

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    Or even post war. Ther were 2 soldiers on "Wehrmacht package" of esbit fuel. Commercial and export wartime wersion have no soldiers, also post war exaples never were printed with soldiers. To 1943 all packs had imprinted "Stuttgart W.". Erich Schumm moved from Stuttgart to Murrhardt in 1943. But to the 1951 they still use DRP, DRGM and other "III Reich" MM on fuel package. Remember that Bundeswehr an Austrian Army use Esbit kocher and this type of fuel to '80s. So - if you want to be sure that you have the typical package for the Wehrmacht look for the version with the inscription "Stuttgart-W.". If you want to be 100% sure it's post war - find one with "Made in W.(West) Germany). All the others are uncertain.
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    Now I'm confused :S

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    This is textbook example
    Wartime esbit fuel ?Wartime esbit fuel ?Wartime esbit fuel ?Wartime esbit fuel ?Wartime esbit fuel ?Wartime esbit fuel ?

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    I know how looks and i hope my example it's not postwar
    Wartime esbit fuel ?

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    Is this the box the WWII cooker comes in?
    Attached Images Attached Images Wartime esbit fuel ? 

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    Back of package states "made in Germany." Art work looks 30s/40s. If it was post war I might expect it to say "made in West Germany." Leaning towards TR erea. NH

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