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Wehrmacht lub Gebirgsjäger waterbottle?

Article about: Hello again Dan, They all wrote 70 cl perhaps because they just took the info from another book written by someone who has never tried to test the capacity. I tried for both canteens (80 cl

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    Default Wehrmacht lub Gebirgsjäger waterbottle?


    Whose water bottle? Or is the original 100%? How much might be worth?
    signed 41
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    Nice original larger bottle referred to as GJ should be a maker mark and maybe a date on the outside of the neck like MN42 etc. Straps are the kind usually found mid to later war nice bottle I have a lot of canteens but the trick is to find a cup for it I would think with that one I'd go with a bakelite one. I have one like it I am working on need straps, cap and cup. So many of the darn things are incomplete when you find them yours is ok. Nice find timothy

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    Thanks a lot. Water bottle signed MN 41, which is everything ok? How much could be worth?

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    Yes good bottle I am not much on prices bought one without cup like yours about two years ago for fifty US Dollars in a shop in Missouri. Nice earlier war canteen. timothy

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    I agree with all my collector colleague Timothy says - it is a good 1ltr canteen ( as opposed to the smaller 0.7L ones ) These have the added felt reinforcing ring being 30% heavier ( if full of course ) I would only add that try to buy as complete a unit as you can because by the time you find and purchase the missing parts you could end up spending more ( both time AND dollars ) and they never quite match correctly ( which is so frustrating )

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    A standard 1 liter canteen - not necessarily GJ. With a rough cover like this and worn leather I would expect a value under 100 US dollars - maybe 60 or so. NH

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    Sorry for the bump the thread. How to soften skin? Lanolin?

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    I usually don't mess with mine unless brittle most tell me pecard leather dressing is safe I may not be spelling it right I have had good results with it isn't cheap but worth it IMO. timothy

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    Quote by Danmark View Post
    ( as opposed to the smaller 0.7L ones )

    Hello Dan,
    the regular type canteen is 80 cl, not 70.
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    Quote by JPhilip View Post
    Hello Dan,
    the regular type canteen is 80 cl, not 70.
    Thanks for clearing that up JP - there are a lot of publications I have seen that list them at 0.7L
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