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Wehrmacht Mess Fork - W.S.M. 1942

Article about: Not much to say on this one. It's a fork. I haven't tried it, but it probably still works. A large and surprisingly light aluminum example, marked M.S.M 42 with the eagle icon.

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    I decided to give the fork a try, since there seems to be a lot of interest in that subject. Upon picking it up, I was compelled to invade the fridge. At first things seemed to be going well, I grabbed for the kiełbasa, and felt emboldened enough to pair that with mimolette and apples, and a fine Pinot Grigio. I felt as though I had really accomplished something with the use of my fork, as if nothing could stop my culinary hunger.

    It seemed inevitable what came next, and how could I lose honestly when you consider what I had already done? I shifted my attentions to the freezer and the шоколадное мороженое с орехами (chocolate ice-cream with nuts). With lightning speed, I tore open the container and spooned out the chocolate goodness and dashed it with nuts. And then, with my trusty fork (there was no time for a spoon if I was to finish this before it melted), I began to eat as much of it as I could. Alas! Everything began to turn on me as I felt a sharp pain growing in my head. I had nearly eaten the whole bowl, when the dreaded brain-freeze struck. I had to slow down and try to wait this frigid affliction out.

    I would redouble my efforts to finish a moment later, but I discovered all had already turned against me. The brain-freeze allowed too much time to pass, and my culinary conquests had yielded a terrible stomach ache. I had no choice but to retreat back to the bathroom and wait it out in hopes that the pain would subside before the vomiting began. There, on my knees, I made my last stand, fork still clutched at my side. And then, came the end. With a loud sound, the hurling began, and all that I had accomplished was lost. Eventually, I ended up laid out on the floor, and I felt the fork fall from my hand making a ringing sound as it struck the tile where it still lays, never to be taken up again.

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    Very, Very Brave, still too scared to test mine now I have a report on the later model

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    I have a couple of egg cups Kriegsmarine but never tested the yet.

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