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Zeltbahn m31

Article about: Hi. Was this german ww2 zeltbahn is good , original? How much can be worth ?

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    Default Zeltbahn m31

    Was this german ww2 zeltbahn is good , original? How much can be worth ?
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Zeltbahn m31   Zeltbahn m31  

    Zeltbahn m31   Zeltbahn m31  

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    Original - some damage - I see them sell for 80-100Euros

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    Thanks . May be after war ?

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    Good wartime Zeltbahn. Being RB numbered it will date from 1943 to 1945.

    Cheers, Ade.
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    I agree with Dan. This appears to be an original Zeltbahn with some damage. It is missing a grommet on the point. Some of the buttons are a bit worn and salty. Overall though, an OK example certainly worth 90 to 120 US dollars. NH

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    It looks ok to me but I am on my iPhone. Yes you have the price right

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    Original (late war) Zeltbahn allright..... too bad about the missing top grommet..... for me, that devaluates the Zelt accordingly.... Personally I wouldn't give more then 50 euro for it in this condition, but that's just me (an I admit, I'm spoiled )

    Can't see if there are missing grommets on the other part... I see one, but the picture is too blurry to see if there is more missing

    And to answer your PM question.... the presence of only one grommet in the lower middle part is normal for late war Zelts

    Hope this helps
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    Nice salty original zelt. timothy

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    Thanks guys for your help
    I have a question. How to recognize the post-war zeltbahn? What they are different from those for the 45 ?

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