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Finnish Bayonets....

Article about: I've bought a number of Finnish bayonets over the past year, so I thought I had better show them off finally! Surprising to me, I've managed to obtain most of these here in New Zealand, a co

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    Some of mine

    Bayonet rainbow
    Finnish Bayonets....

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    Circuit advertisement Finnish Bayonets....
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    Nice bayonets, wish I had one! M39 bayonets are not cheap in the states. Too bad they are at crazy prices due to every swinging dick in the states owning an M39 surplus Mosin and wanting to get their hands on one now (maybe they should be left the rifles in the crates..haha). I bought a VKT example in the early 90's for $100 and didn't opt for the $60 bayonet (why would I buy the bayonet worth nearly as much as the rifle?). Big mistake. Even the replicas are collectables and the originals are running more than the rifle itself.

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    Picked another Finn bayonet about six months ago, and have only got around to photographing it today...

    Not too sure how to 'pigeon hole' this one....

    Appears to be an M/29 that has been blued like an M/35 and has a (KE) marked cross guard from an M/28?
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Finnish Bayonets....   Finnish Bayonets....  

    Finnish Bayonets....   Finnish Bayonets....  

    Finnish Bayonets....  

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    Funny thought. I kinda realized now that best frog replacement for Finnish bayonets would be those german ww1 or 98k brown bayonet frog reproductions.

    There appears a lot of those 1918 dated German frogs in Finnish m27 and m28 bayonets. Which were originally meant for various ersatz and m1884/98 bayonets. M1884/98 bayonet is 98k bayonet predecessor.
    Their scabbard dimension do match. And Finnis army bought or re-used those old ww1 era frogs in their own bayonets.

    I think I had two german frogs in my own bayonets

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    Finnish Bayonets....
    Nice bayonets!!
    My only Finnish bayonet. Don't ask me why I had to have one of these. I don't even own a rifle to put it on.

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    My Finnish bayonet collection...

    Finnish Bayonets....

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