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Finnish Collar Tabs

Article about: Would anyone comment as to whether any of these Finnish collar tabs are authentic WW2 and which are post WW2? Sorry no photos of the backings but some have a sort of burlap backing and some

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    Here's the Anti-Tank units collar tabs. Anyone know, if these are war time?
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Finnish Collar Tabs   Finnish Collar Tabs  

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    Great thread and some very interesting tabs!....
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    Hi they look wartime to me , a nice pair of collar patches

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    Thank you Kradman. Do wartime one's have a specific backing? There seem to be so many different backings .

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    Alot of the wartime ones you see have this mesh backing there are a few other backing you also see , i will try to dig some of my collar patches out and add some photos to show the dfference between the wartime and post war patches

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    That would be very helpful, thank you! I love collecting Finnish collar tabs, as they are interesting and still not that expensive.

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    Hi Alexander,

    Those Anti-tank/Armoured collartabs are wartime type. Backing material is not always a rule, but many wartime made do have paper string backing. Cloth backing can be found and also in some pre-war tabs white cloth string backing. The main difference between 1940īs to 1950īs are shape of tab. Wartime tab end is lower than front of tab, about 1-2mm. This feature can be seen at previous mentioned tabs, the back line is lower than front. I myself consider tabs with straight feature as most times as a post-war made, front line is in same line as back. Of course there is war-time tabs with straight line, but in general rule, back is lower than front.

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    Hey Rami,

    Thank you kindly for the tips. I've been wondering how to spot war- and post war ones, for a long time. Can you circle the areas you meant, in a war- and post war collar tabs. So we can see the difference? That would be great future reference for all collectors of Finnish collar tabs.

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    Default Difference between post-war and wartime collartabs

    Here is a picture of two collartabs. The left one is a post-war coastal artillery corporal collartab. Colors are red-blue used since 1950īs to 1970īs, so not war time in anyway. Please note embroidered rank chevrons in it. Those are in dull yellow in live and bit wider than in wartime collartab at right. At right is infantry corporal in typical form, green with dark-grey soutache. What you can see from image is that WW2 is slightly lower at back and post-war is more straight.

    I hope this helps a bit in this matter.

    Finnish Collar Tabs

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    Oh now I see it, do you mean the little waves at the end are deeper in the war time ones?

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