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Finnish Sota Poliisi badge

Article about: Finnish Sota Poliisi badge Does anyone have info on this Finnish Field Police badge and the Finnish Field Police units? The badge is supposedly dated from WW2 Thanks, dastier

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    Default WW2 Finnish MP badge

    Quote by dastier View Post
    Thanks for asking, Aleksander. I wonder if anyone has any photos of soldiers wearing this badge in the field?

    Here is the photo of similar metal badge of finnish military police. Metal badge (sotilaspoliisi) was approved for use autumn 1944. Special MP units did wear metal badge before and you can see one here attached to left breast-pocket of staff-sergeant behind customs officials. Photo is taken in october 1944. Metal MP badge was used post-war until 1980´s. Hope this helps a pit.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Finnish Sota Poliisi badge  

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    The triangle arm patch, Sotapoliisi, was used during both wars, Winter- and Continuating war. By decre number 23 (Asetus 23) from September 2 1944, the metal badges was intruduced.
    However the was ended on September the 4th. If this badge came to be used it was in the Lapland war only.

    In addition to the military police there was also a "Special Military Police" (Er.Spol.Os). They had different tasks like supervising railroad stations, train patrols and also controlling road traffic.

    The Finnish Military Police was closed down after the Lappland war. There was no military police until 1963 when a new MP Scholl started in Helsinki.

    You can view some of my insignias on this web page:


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    Nice site, thank you! May I ask if you were in Tamarms this year and were the one who displayed the items of the Finnish Police there?

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    No, that was not I. It was a police officer from Nurmijärvi who displayed parts of his uniform collection.

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    Quote by White fang View Post
    No, that was not I. It was a police officer from Nurmijärvi who displayed parts of his uniform collection.
    Oh, thanks for the information . Is an Ib grade detectives mark worth anything? I know a person who has one.

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    I presume you are refering to badges issued to officers who attended courses given by Valtion Poliisikoulu/Government Police School?
    There was a large blue enameled badge of which I have enclosed a picture (hopefully). This badge was give to the best students only
    There were also a few other type of badges which were more commemorative.
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