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My small Finland Medal display

Article about: 4 Winter War Ribbon Bars and 3 medals. the medal of liberty and liberation medal are both dated 1918 and S&Co hallmarked. The MOL has another hallmark, a Q7. I saw a list of time range m

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    Default My small Finland Medal display

    4 Winter War Ribbon Bars and 3 medals. the medal of liberty and liberation medal are both dated 1918 and S&Co hallmarked. The MOL has another hallmark, a Q7. I saw a list of time range marks somewhere on the forum but didn't see this one on the list. I'm going to assume the medal was made in the late 40s maybe even early 50s. And as for the liberation medal, the ribbon is replaced/incorrect (the only spare I had). And last but not least, the continuation war medal.

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    Hi "medalman90"
    Unfortunately the ribbon of the liberation 1918 medal is totally wrong, it seems to been iron one , some of those are silver.
    Nice display otherwise.
    Jani Tiainen - who made the best and only Finnish Medal book- joined recently WRF, you can contact him via this site or his Finnmedals International - Orders and Medals worldwide
    site, I think hi can solve that problem.
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    Irsto, thank you for the book reference. It would be nice to know when the liberation medal was made. On that topic, I put that ribbon on in leui of nothing else. Some more searching on the forum and the Q7 is post WWII. As are the S&Co hallmarks. There is another hallmark on each that I can't make out for sure but it looks like an "s".

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    OK, I might be wrong saying its iron, I should use glasses, or binoculars or even telescope

    P.S. can I ask you where you get those medals ?

    P.P.S. Errarum humanum est

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    Maybe they will let us borrow the Hubble tells scope for a while lol. The liberation medal I found on eBay. Not to sound finicky, but was the lowest priced one I've seen. A guy named fincoin if I remember right, I actually have his card here somewhere. As for the medal of liberty, I found it at a local show. A bit surprised on that because third riech, American, and british are most popular in my neck of the woods. Maybe because finland is a long time ally of Germany?

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    Yes ,we was allied several years.. then comes big sadness by the Russians .....
    Will you explane that "Not to sound finicky" ? I dont understand cose Im ole good finne .
    I have seen fincoin somewhwere but dont knew him, im sure Jani knew.
    Ur medal of liberty is nice one , I bet its silver.
    Does that Empire State stateNY nor what ?

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    Finicky is a slang word. Mostly used for undesive, but can also mean cheap which is what I ment. The Empire State is New York. It's actually the State Nick NickName. I know from reading the forums a bit that some of the. Later issues are silver, but I'm not sure untill when or if the Fins/Sweeds stopped making the medal in silver.

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    Interesting medals.
    We need more items from Finland on the forum.

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    All right, Im not that stubid I felt, thx for answer.
    Sadly I never went there u hoods when I was in DC in election time 2004.
    Timing of those medals is pretty hard unless they had silver hallmarks wicht can determite.
    But as I sayd Jani is the MAN about Finnish medals for sure.
    Ehh, I m still drinking its 10 am there.
    Old wino, yes Im.
    Last edited by irsto; 01-09-2014 at 06:51 AM.

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    I agree Scout. Although a novice Finnish collector, I've always liked their medals.

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