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Opinion wanted on authencity of Finnish M39 bayonet...

Article about: Title says it all... What do you think... authentic M39 bayonet or not? Thanks.

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    Default Re: Opinion wanted on authencity of Finnish M39 bayonet...

    Your M39 is 100% original ,alot of the fakes you see are for sale in the USA there was at one time a few on US Ebay and one way of telling was the way and wording of the maker mark stamp ,you could get yourself a M27 and M28 bayonet for your rifles and some you find are SK.Y marked so good for your Civil Guard rifle

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    Yes they did make copies of these. I think it was Sarco or one of the other importers that had them made up to sell when they imported all those Finnish Nagants. I will try to look up who made them. I often wonder why they didn't have the real bayonets with the rifles? I think I still have one of the fake bayonets because I never thought I would find a real one. But glad you posted your pics so I know what they look like.

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    I think they made the fake bayonets as you say to sell with the Finnish Nagants they imported as the original ones werent around at the time the rifles were sold off by the Finnish army ,Its the normal thing for the Finnish army when they sell something off they sell all they have in one time so you see alot of that one item for sell and when they are gone they are gone , The M39 bayonets were sold off about 8 years ago for 150 euros each by the Finnish army and now days in Finland are 250 to 280 euros each from dealers in Finland

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    Here are the pictures of my reproduction Fin bayonet. These were made in the 1990's, when everyone and their brother was importing surplus arms.
    You can see the differences in it from your original.
    The most dead give away is the blued blade on the fakes. The wood handle is also over sized. But I guess a someone could strip the blueing from the blade and sand down the wood handles.
    Anyway just wanted to share with you nice folks so you can compare.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Click image for larger version. 

Name:	SDC10034.jpg 
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Name:	SDC10037.jpg 
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Name:	SDC10040.jpg 
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    Thanks Popeye nice to see some good photos of the copy bayonet ,When they were being sold on Ebay 10 or so years ago the photos werent as good as your photos to hide the facts they were copy bayonets

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    I have heard that the finnish solider Did not Like this bayonet. they relied more on their own knives.
    and usually threw this type of bayonet away. do not know if it's true, it's just something I've been told

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    The earlier blade bayos will fix on the m/39-production of bayos was a low priority of the Finns during the war-the number of the puukko types made did not match the number of rifles made (there was also a similar cut down older blade bayo made in small numbers as well).
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Click image for larger version. 

Name:	011.jpg 
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    Thumbs up ORIGINAL M39 Mosin Nagant Kulmala bayonet !

    An original M39 bayonet for sale on Ebay tonight!

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    Quote by dastier View Post

    Which bayonet is appropriate for the M27 and M28 rifles - one being a Civil Guard rifle and the other Finnish Army?
    The M39 bayonet was only intended for use on the Civil Guard contract of 10,500 rifles, and I'm not certain that there was a bayonet made for every rifle or not.

    M39 rifles in Army use would have received M27,M29 or M35 or those Civil Guard type bayonets (M28, M28-30 or M28-30-35) that had been handed over to the Army in 1941 or taken by Guardsmen upon their mobilisation into the Army.

    Technically any bayonet that fits is correct on any Finnish rifle....

    Finnish Bayonets

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