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Tribute to my great-grandfather

Article about: I'm about to make a display of Finnish war stuff. in memory of my great-grandfather. who fought in both the Finnish Winter War and Continuation War. sadly, all his belongings have been disca

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    Okay, I understand, almost everyone who has relatives in finland do have war veterans in their families. My great-grandfather brothers and so on was also in the war. but I've decided to just do a tribut to the closest relatives. like My great-grandfather and his children. i did start with my great-grandfather because I'm named after him. Yes it´s very common that the papers are missing or lost. t.ex they cant find his document from the Savo Jaeger Battalion in 1918.

    My next step is to fix more pictures of my relatives. i did found some good images of them in their uniforms.

    good luck with your tribute.

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    Yeah, you most probably right. That is also why I want to concentrate my tribute to my great grandfather as well as you have done.

    I didn't understand the part with Savo Jaeger Battalion?

    I am trying to find pictures as well. But it pretty difficult obversely.
    If you have some good advise please let me know or send me a privat message.


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    Did you know that the archive have war diaries. so if you know which company your great-grandfather fought in, you can search in the archive and find the war diaries of your grandfathers company.

    I was looking for his document when he did served in the Savo Jaeger Battalion in 1918-1919 but they were gone from the archive.
    probably they lost them during the wars.

    yes it´s pretty difficult to find pictures in the archive. They can not find pictures of ordinary soldiers, only on the officers. i did have some luck to find some images at the home of my grandmother.

    Sure i can privat message you. When I find someone that can help us.

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    Yes I know about the war diaries. But my great grandfathers military record seems uncompleted as well do my uncles. But I hope I can find his company in his military passport.

    Oh, now I understand what you meant.

    I hope I can get in contact with some of the elderly of my family in Finland - maybe they have more pictures than the two I've got.

    Yes, please let me know if you find something or another source to find information other than the Arkisto.

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    Some info about the battle of Kärstiläjärvi. My great-grandfather was send in to the battle in 9.3.1940 and stay on the frontline to the 13.3.1940 when the peace was signed. The Russians tried by all means to break the front line, they had managed to get through on the 7. But a counterattack by the Finns on the night on 7-8 managed to kick out the Russians.

    some brief info

    Enemy artillery fire at times very stiff the effect of wounded: corporal Tuomola PH. difficult Solider pilppu P.o. and later that day they did get in contact with enemy artillery again Wounded this time solider höijer a and haavoittuivat solider salonen s. kantonen v. wankare v. mäkelä v. lehetinen E.o. Kinnunen U. Lindberg P.


    Russians were the all-night corrected the origin of the river over the bridge. interfere with the machine gun fired . in the morning the enemy began to go over the bridge, but the attack was prevented. we kept the area until 12:00, after which we withdraw from. enemy attack vehicles then began to go over the bridge.

    Enemy artillery was very severe. troops withdrew to the mountains konkkalan summits of the mountains and settled in the hill stations for a while. enemy attack vehicles proceeded konkkalan mansion followed by infantry. 1900 we received a command to switch positions about 200 m to the west of the hill. one solider dead.


    at 2:00 am we got a full retreat. we crossed a narrow lake, the ice was pretty weak due to flood water. komppani spent the night in the burning ruins of the house. at 4.00 was assigned to the innermost line of troops in the rear konkkalan manor west side of the lake to the other side. artillery fire all day.


    morning artillery activity on both sides. at 10.20, it became known the conclusion of peace. own artillery fire stopped at 10.25. Enemy continued shooting to 11.15 am, own troops were ordered to retreat from the front line, 1 km to the west, where the troops took up positions..

    sorry for some poor English, it´s hard to translated Finnish to Swedish and then to English. I find this information very interesting because my great-grandfather must have known the soldiers who was injured and died. They must have been under very severe artillery fire. He was also involved in all the battles in these days. because he was at the front.
    Attached Images Attached Images Tribute to my great-grandfather 

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    This info is just about my great-grandfathers company 1.kkk/Jr13.

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    Default Re: Tribute to my great-grandfather

    Excellent display Kemi, shows a lot of love and respect for your Great-Grandfather. I'm slowly working on something similar about my dad.

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    Default Re: Tribute to my great-grandfather

    I found this cool picture, according to me, anyway
    it is my great uncle when he was in the army! I do not know what year the picture was taken in!
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Tribute to my great-grandfather  

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    Default Re: Tribute to my great-grandfather

    Hi Kemi.

    Fantastic and cool picture. The collar patch seems dark. Can you tell a bit a about it? Armour, artillery or?
    Wish I could find the same picture of my relatives.

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    Fun that you also think so. i have some info on him now, he did join the army in 1947 in a mortar company and was promoted on 16-11-1948 to Lance-Corporal and in 24-1-49 he was promoted to Corporal.

    i did also find info about my great-grandfather little brother, he was in the battle of suomussalmi under the winter-war. But the funny thing i think is that they fought together during the Continuation War in the same Regiment and in the same battels. It is quite interesting that two brothers fight side by side.

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