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unknown Swastika ?

Article about: by Thanatos I feel if it was Finnish the icon would have been blue and the back ground white. Just a thought. Cheers Dave ....and the Swastika reversed.

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    Default unknown Swastika ?

    to help a member on french forum
    have you seen that before ?
    Finnish ? other country ? or civilian ?
    thanks for answers

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    Circuit advertisement unknown Swastika ?
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    Default Re: unknown Swastika ?

    I'm no expert on these but it is either an early variation or an older copy. It does appear to be old.. but how old is the question.

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    Default Re: unknown Swastika ?

    I feel if it was Finnish the icon would have been blue and the back ground white.
    Just a thought.

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    Default Re: unknown Swastika ?

    thank you Gentlemen
    so it's a mystery...

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    Default Re: unknown Swastika ?

    I believe it is a modern fantasy piece.........!


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    Default Re: unknown Swastika ?

    Russian VFP in Harbin?

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    Default Re: unknown Swastika ?

    It is probably just a piece of civilian patriotic jewelry. There was a lot of this made during the TR that is where my vote goes.

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    Default Re: unknown Swastika ?

    The pin assembly is a modern inexpensive type.........


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    Default Re: unknown Swastika ?

    Different strokes for different folks I guess. I have seen a lot of TR era brosche jewelry and I have seen worse looking pin attachments than this one. I personally think that it is a legit patriotic brosche piece.

    Besides...the age looks legit to me. I see no evidence of chemical aging.

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    Default Re: unknown Swastika ?

    I mean there even looks to be zinc pest on the back...they have not been able to fake zinc pest to the best of my knowledge.

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