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Fire faschinenmesser manufacturers and distributors

Article about: We'll call the "Fire bayonet" by it's correct name, a faschinenmesser, as it's not a bayonet, but a short sword useful as a tool, sometimes with a sawback blade. It was produced th

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    Default Fire faschinenmesser manufacturers and distributors

    We'll call the "Fire bayonet" by it's correct name, a faschinenmesser, as it's not a bayonet, but a short sword useful as a tool, sometimes with a sawback blade. It was produced throughout the Third Reich era, by large and small Solingen blademakers. Many also produced the K98 combat bayonet, or the dress/parade KS98, as the blade used in the faschinenmesser is the same, whether in 20 cm or 25cm length. However a short and long sawback option was available for these Fire service blades.

    These parade sidearms, (as the nickel plated versions we are dealing with, were not likely used to rescue old women from burning buildings or cats from trees), sometimes will have a makers mark on the reverse side of the ricasso. Other times only a distributors name is found, and some will have both. But many have no marks at all. The following is a list of known makers of the Fire faschinenmesser. Then a list of distributors.

    The Fire faschinenmesser manufacturers;

    1) Rudolf Buchel, Solingen. Rare.

    2) Alexander Coppel/ALCOSO, Solingen. common.

    3) Dirlam & Sohne, Solingen. "J D S", rare.

    4) Carl Eickhorn, Solingen, very common.

    5) F.W. Holler, Solingen.

    6) E.u F. Horster, Solingen.

    7) Robert Klaas, Solingen.

    8) Carl Julius Krebs, Solingen. The lobster logo usually seen.

    9) Heinrich Krieghoff, Suhl. Used logo "H K" in dotted circle. Rare.

    10) Johann Leupold, Bayreuth. Used logo like an "L & sword". Rare.

    11) P.D. Luneschloss, Solingen. Used logo "P.D." or P D L, rare.

    12) E. Pack & Sohne, Solingen.

    13) Puma, (Lauterjung & Co) solingen. uncommon.

    14) SOLINGEN or GARANTIE SOLINGEN. These marks may be a Guild marks for smaller makers to pool their produce. Quite commonly seen.

    15) C.Gustav Spitzer, Solingen. uncommon.

    16) Paul Seilheimer, Solingen. uncommon.

    17) Tiger, (Lauterjung & Co) Solingen. common.

    18) G. Weyersburg sne, Solingen. (Gustav) Rare

    19) M. Weyersburg, Solingen. (Max) Rare.

    20) Anton Wingen jr, Solingen. uncommon.

    21) WKC, Solingen. Often just knight's head logo. Very common.

    22) Carl Schmidt sohn, Solingen. Uses logo of church with two crosses on roof. Rare.

    23) J.A. Henckels, uncommon

    24) Carl Lutters & Cie (Lowenwerk) Solingen. Uses seated lion logo. Rare.

    DISTRIBUTORS of Fire faschinemesser.
    Included in this list are general outfitters and merchants and specialist Fire equipment distributors. Some will be missing, so these are commonly seen;

    1) Carl Busse, Mainz

    2) Carl Henkel, Bielefeld. A Fire equipment distributor still in business.

    3) Linnenbrugger & Ellermann "L & E" Bielefeld, specialist Fire equipment. Often seen on Eickhorn blades. Fire helmet logo with swastika.

    4) Horst Wolff, Liepzig, distributor.

    5) A. Ziegler, Giengen a Brenz, distributor.

    6) Hoppe & Homann Hufeisenfabrik, Minden, distributor. used a HMH logo.

    7) L & W , yet to identify.

    8) Gustav Genschow, Berlin. Used "GECO" logo on blades.

    9) E.Scharff Kober & Co. distributor.

    10) A.Luneburg (August), Kiel. distributor. sometimes seen on Gustav Spitzer marked blades.

    11) H & P, K inside a triangle. unknown as yet distributor.

    12) Georg Rieder, Munchen

    There will be others missing. Please let me know if you have a blade with an unlisted maker/distributor. May the knowledge increase.
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    Thankyou Anderson this is a good work and valuable to this forum.
    It is not the size of a Collection in History that matters......Its the size of your Passion for it!! - Larry C

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    I did a much lengthier list of individual manufacturers, distributors & variants of marks back on many moons ago. I think it's contained somewhere within a thread I started 10 years ago. This was actually a recreation of a thread I'd done years before but was lost with the software glitches back in those days. The thread is located on the BCN forum & is preserved as a sticky.

    Fire Bayonet Thread - German Daggers

    For those of you that may be members there, there are a ton of pics of my collection. Just realized the thread has garnered over 1.1 million views


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