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Branch Insignia

Article about: Per RichieC's post with the scan from "The Red Book", notice that the crossed rifles and target insignia is abscent from the branch of service devices. I have understood, possibly

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    Default Branch Insignia

    I am looking for a list, with pictures of all authorized branch insignia for the Red Army, for the period of the 1930s through the GPW.

    Thank you


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    Default Re: Branch Insignia

    It is all contained in the book that I referred you to in the thread:
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    Default Re: Branch Insignia

    Quote by RichieC View Post
    It is all contained in the book that I referred you to in the thread:
    What is the title, and date of printing for "The Book"?

    You referenced a periodical "Soviet Times", but there are several hundred issues, so if it is from this periodical, I would need either the issue number, or the year, and month of printing.


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    Default Re: Branch Insignia

    Post number two in that thread.

    I scanned an image of the front cover for you.

    "Soviet times" is 1917-1991...
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    Default Re: Branch Insignia


    I looked for a copy of that book.

    That is an immensely expensive book. I didn't pay that much for most of the weapons in my collection.

    Is it really worth $500.00 USD?


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    Default Re: Branch Insignia

    That certainly does seem a bit inflated. I purchased my copy about eight years ago for $175.00 - and back then I thought THAT was too much.

    However, it is an INVALUABLE English language reference, and IS out of print.

    Every now and then they appear on eBay and Amazon. I search regularly for reference material, so I'll contact you if I see one.

    I'd be more than happy to scan and email you a few pages, but I need some time to get to it.
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    Default Re: Branch Insignia


    In any case, I had a few moments to spare this evening, so I hope this will assist you in your mission.

    BTW, It would be most appropriate to address you by your actual first name, as Ade and I prefer on our forum...
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Branch Insignia   Branch Insignia  

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    Smile Re: Branch Insignia

    Hi Ritchie,
    I picked up the following book for $20 approx recently- it is a 1968 edition of the British book published by the War Office in October 1944 under the direction of the Chief of theImperial General Staff and was circulated at the time under restricted issue to senior army and cabinet staff, if you need to look for a copy on the internet, try looking for the publisher Arms and Armour Press - my edition is first copy so I don't know if there were subsequent reprints.
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    Default Re: Branch Insignia

    I think it is more important to put together a comprehensive reference library before you start collecting.

    Bob Hritz

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    Default Re: Branch Insignia

    There is volume in this series dealing with Soviet small arms as well. Also worth picking up if you see it.

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