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Deutschland Erwache Banner

Article about: Hello All, My associate recently took some further images of his collection recently, and asked me to assist him in sharing some of his displays with us all. Of course, questions, comments,

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    I'm simply posting the images. I am unable to even begin to ponder anything about this piece - and 99% of Third Reich stuff in general - as I am so engrossed in my Soviet minefield.

    However, I'll inquire with the owner and get his opinion for curiosity's sake...
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    As per:

    "This particular banner I obtained from a former US Army Colonel in 1967 at his home in Pennsylvania. This fellow had brought back more war souvenirs that anyone I had ever seen in all my years. As for it, should it have been listed in a "Org. Book of the NSDAP"? Despite it's absence, should it be discounted as some kind of crap?

    I estimated over one thousand firearms, cases of pistols: IE unopened Lugers, P-38's & etc including Mauser snipers, double rifles, drilling's & etc. Also, perhaps five hundred or so steins, many of them military. Those were the days.

    I was able to get more than a few things from him on my limited income at the time. The best uniform grouping I obtained from him was an Allegemeine SS Haupsturmfuhrer - all in one box that contained the man's entire kit, including the dagger. Richie has shown this already on his forum. The banner in question was also acquired on one of these trips I made there.

    The fellow had a heart attack and, unfortunately died soon thereafter, so that was that. He had two sons that were of college age that did not like me coming around to get their Dad's souvenirs. I always came with a well monied gun collector, so is was fairly easy to get a few things on each visit.

    The sons told me they wanted everything back their Dad had sold me. You can image how that worked out!"
    Non nobis, Domine, non nobis, sed nomini tuo da gloriam!

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    Whatever the outcome of these discussions, someone went to a LOT of effort and embroidery work in this piece - it was not just thrown together!

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    As there is no reason to doubt what the owner posted, the piece is a homemade unofficial piece that was likely a gift to an Ortsgrupenleiter or local party official. The piece is loosely designed on a DE. However, as I previously mentioned, a NSDAP DE does not exist. A NSDAP Ortsgruppen would have a 4x4 flagwith a corner patch trimmed in blue naming the town or area the Ortsgruppe was comprised of.


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    Could of been a mess table decoration for formal, dining in functions...

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