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Early SS Trumpet Banner

Article about: Hi Nick, My luck was fine until I joined this site...I got this banner from a private collector, the same one where I got the SS belt and buckle, and am waiting for his permission to mention

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    Default Re: Early SS Trumpet Banner

    I would have to agree with Adrian. Plus why do you have to get the 'private sellers' permission to say who he or she is? You allegedly own it now, not anyone that a correct assumption? That thing, in my opinion, is not representative of anything SS at all. Do you really believe H. Himmler would have allowed that hideous skull on anything SS? My friend, you need to take the comments as you requested. Sometimes it costs you to learn and the more it costs you, the better you learn. I have owned Reinhard Heydrich's Reichprotektor banner which I mention only to demonstrate some degree of expertise. I wish it was correct for your sake. I would ask for my money back and move on. I do wish you success in that.


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    If you feel that we are all 'experts' then so be it. I suppose we should feel flattered. Do you take your car for repair at a florist? Or do you take it to a garage? Which would be the 'experts' on your vehicle?
    You take it to the garage because they should have an idea of what they're talking about. You see my point?

    You show this banner here because people here know what they're talking about also and you want everyone to sit back and praise it without question. Unfortunately there are questions about it.
    I can be fairly sure that no-one here has any alterior motive for casting doubts on it's authenticity. You posted an item, it is questionable so have a discussion with those here who know what they're talking about and back up your claims with facts not fiction and certainly not with the diatribe of the seller who has a vested interest in keeping you beliveing it's original and is most likely attacking the forum because the item he sold you may be proven to be a fake.
    I have absolutely no idea whether it is or isn't but I would like to see a balanced argument for and against it backed up with facts. If you are so convinced it is an original you obviously researched it prior to buying and should be able to back it up to the hilt without reverting to a second rate dealer site who enjoys a somewhat tarnished reputation.
    So, again, I ask you to state your case on why your banner is original.

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    Default Re: Early SS Trumpet Banner

    Thanks for a civilized reply. There is a moderator trying to get me my money back...he wants me to leave and nothing would make me happier.


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    Default Re: Early SS Trumpet Banner

    Get your money back for what?

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    Default Re: Early SS Trumpet Banner

    So far this feud is private.

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    Default Re: Early SS Trumpet Banner

    My $10 donation i made on 4-13.

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    Default Re: Early SS Trumpet Banner

    Money back for your donation to this site? Man, you made 120 posts here.

    That's like going to church and taking your money out of the offering plate because you don't like the message the preacher gave in the sermon.

    Everyone is this hobby has felt the sting of news they did not agree with, myself a couple of times. You learn and don't buy any story ever again. If you like that banner, keep it. There is no harm in that. I wish you well whatever.

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    Default Re: Early SS Trumpet Banner

    Max you need to take it on the chin that sometimes u get a dud buy.

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    Default Re: Early SS Trumpet Banner

    According to Max's profile, which I just checked, it was reported that he was "killed in action" today. Probably after his last post. Oh well, we tried to keep him calm.

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    Default Re: Early SS Trumpet Banner

    Ok, lets steer this one back to the subject of the banner now........

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