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German Banner - Weimar Republic or 1949-present

Article about: I picked this banner up after work today it is 12-14' long and about 4-6' wide. It looks like it is of older construction but I am not sure if it would be of the later Weimar era or post 194

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    If you look through that link I posted, you'll notice that the Black-Red-Yellow of the Weimar and the post war Germany is pretty consistant. But the Configuration of the WWI/German Empire flag is very much different from the Weimar's. The WWI German flag was laid out as Black-White-Red whereas the Weimar is only similar with having the Black on Top-the rest was switched around and changed. The WWI flag's center strip of White was swapped for the Weimar's center strip of Red. The Black-Red-yellow could Only have been used in the 1919-1933 era and the post-war 1949 on up eras. With your flag's materials being a coarser woolen or woven cotton cloth, I am still thinking the construction looks to be earlier than 1949+. But, either way, it's still a very nice flag and in great condition.

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Thank you for your input William, It will make a nice addition to the war room

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    This picture is from Stonemints Weimar cap thread, but shows evidence of the colors used during the time period.
    German Banner - Weimar Republic or 1949-present

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    Nice looking flag and an Interesting topic. I have not yet delved into this era of Germany , so this is new knowledge to me. Thanks for all your help, everyone!

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