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German Flag Banner

Article about: Annoyed from this ads?   We have this German flag here at the museum it is approximately 7' x 4' with a silver or gold swastika. We need the significance of the flag, and why the differ

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    Default German Flag Banner

    German Flag Banner
    We have this German flag here at the museum it is approximately 7' x 4' with a silver or gold swastika. We need the significance of the flag, and why the different color for the swastika

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    I guess the meaning is the same, the Nazi party, and the color should not be unfinished or discolored by time (exposed even adverse environment), I do not know, I had never seen anything like ...

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    Bleached by the sun perhaps? Although, the red color isn't that bleached/faded really. There's also some discoloration to the swastika and white disk so I'm guessing the fabric of the swastika didn't hold the black color as well as the red, although some of the red apparently did transfer to both the formerly white circle and black swastika. Perhaps exposed to moisture when rolled/folded for storage? It's certainly discolored to some degree...

    Well, either something like that or it's a style I've never seen before --- also, interesting construction--- like a three piece armband!

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    I have looked in the seams and around the threads there is no indication of black anywhere. I've never seen anything like this. We have another flag that had the black Swastika that is badly faded and you can tell it was black. has me stumped

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    It looks to have some water or staining on it, alot of these flags were also civilian made compared to government issue, and the fabrics/inks/dyes that the civilians used all held up differently, I have a flag were only 1 leg of the swaztika is black but the rest is faded because a different type of material/ink was used to complete it. just my two cents.
    German Flag Banner

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    One thing that I notice is that's it's definitely been badly stained all over, which alludes to prolonged exposure to moisture... but if the black bled color due to this moisture I'd almost have expected the white (formerly) disk to have been stained a darker shade. So, perhaps it's just a variation, I have no idea... these were probably constructed in any which way possible when you think about the sheer vast number of these that must have been around during the period.
    But, again, I'm not an expert but I find the construction of the swastika to be interesting and unusual on such a large banner--- will be interesting to hear from those on here with years of experience for sure. I've never seen one like this, at least..

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    I'm also trying to figure out why the disk is not centered... Also,that horizontal seam towards the "top" of the flag --- was this for using a rod to hang the flag, thereby displaying it the way it's pictured here? With the placement of the disk it looks very odd and I can't seem to figure out an alternative way for this to have been displayed given its construction either.

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    It is centered on the flag the side is hanging over the table, sorry for the confusion. it appears to have had a rod through it for hanging on the left side of the picture.

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    ahhh, ok... now that you mention it I can see it as well

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    The piece appears to be home made and not the product of a professional flag manufacturer. this could account for the variances. I know of no examples or reason for a gold swastika.


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