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help with this flag please

Article about: I also have this armband

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    Default help with this flag please

    My dad passed away and I found this flag,he had talked about it but I had never seen it until now. He was in WWll and said he got it then.I did my best to get good pics,I think its in great shape,there are some small holes you will see but color is great. there is a small pink marking next to the box that says Berlin that I can't make out.
    What can anyone tell me

    Bobhelp with this flag pleasehelp with this flag pleasehelp with this flag pleasehelp with this flag please

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    Circuit advertisement help with this flag please
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    Default a few more

    help with this flag pleasehelp with this flag pleasehelp with this flag pleasehelp with this flag pleasehelp with this flag pleasehelp with this flag please

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    I see now this is in ussr,sorry

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    ...moved to correct subforum
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    looks ok.

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    what would be a fair price to sell this flag

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    I'm something of a novice at this myself, but having just bought a similar flag, I'll try to give my two cents on it.

    Firstly, sorry to hear about your dad. We all lose an important connection to this history as folks like your dad pass on, and they are greatly missed by more than you would probably know. Much respect to him, and condolences to your family.

    This appears to be a regular non-kreigsmarine flag as the eagle stamp with an M under it is missing from what I can tell. So, this was likely flown at an army base, military outpost, government building perhaps. The red stamp I "think" is typical of a unit marking stamp, but don't rely on that for any sales threads you post, as I'd need to verify that with more experienced members here. It's a decent size for display (which is good), often seen in the Kreigsmarine on ships about the size of a torpedo boat, for examples with the marine stamp.

    Value-wise, dealers would probably try to sell this for between $475 and $550. On a forum like this where it's person to person, I would guess you're probably looking at more in the $350 to $425 range, if I had to estimate.

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    help with this flag pleasethank you for the kind words

    that is actually just what I was thinking $400

    any idea what flag this might be

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    Interesting. That looks like an Italian flag.

    Regia Marina - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    No clue on value.

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    ya. looks like kingdom of italy

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