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How would you hang this flag with this construction?

Article about: Here are the four corners of the flag, where as you can see it's just stitched on both ends. There are no eyelets, no sleeves, no hanging ties coming off of it. There doesn't appear to be an

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    I will heed the warning of Bob's signature, and use this experience to learn from the error of my ways. Now that I'm aware of this forum and Wermacht-awards, there will be lots of opportunities to pick up a good flag without the markup of the dealers. I think I'll even post a "wanting to buy" for one and see if anything turns up. Not going through online shops for things that are overpriced, would have allowed this situation to resolve much easier than it is currently. Unfortunately, with this flags damage, what I paid and what it's worth is now too far off to expect a reasonable compensation. I was okay with overpaying a bit on the one the description described, but I find myself in a very unfavorable position now that it isn't.

    Live and learn I guess. I'm grateful for the support you guys offer though. It certainly equips me with the information needed to figure out what to do in these situations. It's always invaluable to have people with experience and knowledge to lean on in areas where one is particularly weak.

    Many thanks!

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    Hi, As has been said, Party type flags are common but they are also fairly expencive so realy, I would suggest that if the flag is a fair price and affordable, at the end of the day you still have an orignal piece of history. Cut your cloth according to year means or pocket!!

    With regard to hanging the flag and assuming that there is no hem to take a pole, I would consider taking a hem along the shortest edge inset a pole (broom handle) with an overhang at each end then tie a piece of rope or twine to the pole and hand the whole ting from a hook. Make sure that who ever sews the hem uses tacking stitches so that they can be removed should you find a better example and wish to sell the flag. A couple of points to bear in mind though. If you do hang the flag make sure that it is well away from the sun as it, the sun, will both bleach and probably rot it. Also, a hanging flag is a target for moths and dust!!

    I hope that this is of interest to you.

    Cheers Michael R

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