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luftwaffe musc stand pennant

Article about: any thoughts on these guys

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    Default luftwaffe musc stand pennant

    luftwaffe musc stand pennant

    any thoughts on these guys

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    you would need a lot better images for a good evaluation.

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    It appears to be a schellenbaum pennant. I agree that better pictures and dimensions are needed.


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    Quote by BOB COLEMAN View Post
    It appears to be a schellenbaum pennant. I agree that better pictures and dimensions are needed.
    Hi bob I'm told they are music stand banner?there are 5 in the lot......KEV

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    Hi i think they look ok how much are they asking for them ?

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    look ok to me.

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    They are trumpet banners for Flak regiment 26.


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    Quote by harryamb2 View Post
    look ok to me.
    Harry, I completely respect you and your opinions as I think you're a valuable forum member, but it seems you are willing to say yay or nay far too often even if poor evidence is provided, and on all types of items. Due to this, I've seen many of times the assessment to be incorrect.
    I honestly don't see how anyone could give these items the thumbs up or down when considering how far away the photos are, and the quality they possess. I guess what I'm trying to say is better to not comment at all than give ill advice based on practically nothing. This way, nobody gets burned due to premature and/or uneducated opinions/guesses.
    So you know, I do applaud your willingness to help us, though, and we certainly could use more members such as you. So please don't take this as being negative as it is not meant to be.
    Now, as for the items, I'd love to see some close-ups and hope they're indeed original. If they are original, I'd love even more to have one in my collection. Not only did my grandfather storm Normandy beach on D-Day, but after becoming injured there, he served the rest of his service playing the sax in a military band. Due to this, musician items are near and dear to my heart.

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    These definatly need to be looked at very closely by a professional, I would even say they need to be inspected by hand only, pictures may not even be enough for something like this, fakes are everywhere, but if they are real then HOLY CRAP thats a nice lot!!!!!!!!!

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    My thought is I hope you went up into a dusty attic with a vets family member who opened the suit case and said to you, " I know he got that during the war and I just want it out of here". Good luck! Hope they are authentic. I would love to have one of those in my collection!

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