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NSDAP Banner?

Article about: by Walkwolf No idea on where it might have come from, but it is a great piece.........! Thx Steve!

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    Default NSDAP Banner?

    Vet brought back this, wondering what 15/137 is? This came with the Red Cross flag together have capture papers for this too, but no info
    Thanks TK

    NSDAP Banner?
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    Circuit advertisement NSDAP Banner?
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    Default Re: NSDAP Banner?

    Nice banner...know nothing bout these sorry

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    Default Re: NSDAP Banner?

    what's sewn in the bottom right?

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    Default Re: NSDAP Banner?

    Quote by doomtown View Post
    what's sewn in the bottom right?
    The Fringe is off on the bottom right I need to get it repaired

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    Default Re: NSDAP Banner?

    A pity the fringe came off and the rings are missing. But that's a lovely flag you show us here.

    As far as I know, this is an early SA Sturmfahne as it bears the "static" swaz (as opposed to later ones that had the swaz turned 45°). The unit identification patch shows the wine-red color and white/silver piping for SA Gruppe Westfalen (which can also be found on the tunics collar patches and buttons) as well as the unit this flag belonged to: Sturm 15 of Standarte 137. As to my information this Standarte was based in Gelsenkirchen and was awarded the honor name "Ludwig Knickmann", who was made a Nazi-martyr after being killed in 1923 during the occopation of the Ruhr-area. However, I have found no info as to where exactly Sturm 15 was located, sorry. Maybe some location can be found in the capture papers?

    Again, nice flag and thanks for sharing it here!

    M. Baecker

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    Default Re: NSDAP Banner?

    A very nice early SA sturmfahne.


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    Default Re: NSDAP Banner?

    Thanks all! This gives me something to go off of now, the capture papers only show that the flag was sent back to the U.S.A. by the Vet. It does not tell where it came from, I would have to do some extensive research to try to (follow) the places he went and maybe if a fellow vet were still alive he could tell me more.
    Yes, the fringe came off only in the one corner and I have some of the orginal thread to try to repair it. But then being 70+ yeas old I guess thats ok. The moths got a hold of it also.

    Thanks again folks TK

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    Default Re: NSDAP Banner?

    Thanks for looking HPL2008


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    Default Re: NSDAP Banner?

    Anyone have some new Ideas on the location this might be?

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    Default Re: NSDAP Banner?

    No idea on where it might have come from,
    but it is a great piece.........!


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